London: American Connections Tour

If you are an American planning to visit london, you might be interested in this specialist tour I have discovered.
(I have NO connection to this company)

History, Heritage & Culture: The American Connection
America and Britain share a long and valued history together. As a result of this history, we invite you to visit the sites in central London that create this special relationship between Britain and the America. On this tour, you will see the places that relate to the fore-fathers and countrymen of the great USA. In addition, you are guaranteed to see the main London landmarks. While you will be sure not to miss anything of the American Connection. Most of all, there are many opportunities to stop for that extra special photo for your album.

Itinerary summary.
Your driver guide will pick you up from your hotel in a black taxi and take you on this special memories tour of our amazing city. You will start with a brief overview of the US Embassy and various statues and memorials in Mayfair such as Roosevelt Memorial, 9/11 Memorial, Reagan Statue with Berlin wall piece and the Flying Squadron memorial dedicated to US pilots who fought with the RAF before America entered the war. Not far from there, you will see where Jimi Hendrix lived and President Theodore Roosevelt got married and had his honeymoon as did the other President Roosevelt!

In Westminster, you will learn that Churchill was half American and had a secret hotline to President Roosevelt linked from the Cabinet War Rooms. Around the corner is a statue of Abraham Lincoln, a direct copy of one in Chicago.

You will drive past Downing Street which was built by George Downing, one of the first 12 students to graduate from Harvard, and up to Trafalgar Square to see a statue of George Washington placed on Virginian soil as he never wanted to set foot in England again!

You will see Benjamin Franklin’s House, the only surviving house in the world that he lived in and see the shop where he borrowed books from and which later gave him an idea of opening public libraries in the States.

You will pass St Paul’s Cathedral which has an American Chapel and was one of the first buildings to use Benjamin Franklin’s famous lightning rod. Not far from there, there is a church where Native American princess, Pocahontas used to worship during her time in London.

You will see the old pub in Rotherhithe which is believed much of the crew for the original Pilgrim Fathers’ voyage was recruited here.

Back over the Thames, you will head towards Whitechapel where you will see the Whitechapel Bell Foundry where Big Ben and the Liberty Bell were founded. After that, secured with hundreds of special photos, you will head back to your hotel.

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American Connection Tour of London

25 thoughts on “London: American Connections Tour

    1. Runnymede is not too far outside London. You could do that by train, on day two. 🙂
      Do you know the old joke?

      ‘American tourist, to guide.
      “When was this signed?”
      Guide. “1215”
      Tourist checks his watch.
      “Damn, I just missed it!”

      Best wishes, Pete.

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