Spam And Trash Folders

It is only Thursday, and so far this week I have had to recover 17 genuine comments from either the Spam or Trash folders.

None of these comments contained any ‘banned words’, and none had any links, suspicious or otherwise. It appears that WP is dumping some comments randomly again, so you may all want to check these folders before deleting them in bulk.

45 thoughts on “Spam And Trash Folders

        1. I have spoken to them about it earlier this year, John. I was told it was because I have ‘banned words’ and the comments contained them. But none of the recent comments contained any of those.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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          1. Empty the banned words cache then … I don’t have any words in the banned words cache on my blog and have never as yet had any worries about somebody saying a horrid word on my blog and if it ever did happen, I would go down and edit the comment and remove the objectionable word and substitute has tags for it.

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          2. Edit Comment
            Submitted onJun 9, 2022 7:03 AM
            bilinkb-quotedelinsimgulolliclose tags
            Here is where you can edit the comments. Example, somebody makes a comment and says the “F” word … You go to Comments and edit it to remove the “F” word and insert something like, “****” in place of it.

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          3. Then you can always check the COMMENTS section of your editor as follows:
            View, reply to, and manage all the comments across your site. Learn more.

            Bulk edit
            This will tell you how many comments are in trash and spam and then you can go to trash or spam folders to fix them or to retrieve them or to permanently delete them.

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  1. I occasionally find comments in there, I have your kind of problem with my regular email. You know the old saying – “To err is human. To totally F**K up takes a computer.”

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