Concierto de Aranjuez

Reblogging an old music post from 2013. Something timeless for you to listen to over the weekend.


This is a concerto for guitar and orchestra, written by the Spanish composer Rodrigo, in 1939. It has a classical feel, but is not Classical Music, so please do not be put off, if you are not a Classical fan. You may think that you have never heard it, but I am certain that you will recognise it immediately, as it has been  used in many soundtracks, TV advertisements, and covered in many and diverse ways, by numerous other artists.

I first came to this work by buying a Miles Davis record, called ‘Sketches of Spain’. I had long been a fan of this legendary Jazz trumpeter, and got this record some years after its 1960 release. I was immediately captivated by the first track on side one, which lasted for almost 17 minutes. It had the feel of the music heard in western films, when they are in Mexico…

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19 thoughts on “Concierto de Aranjuez

  1. It is now a well known brass band classic with solo on the flugal horn. It has now been made famous by the movie Brassed Off where the blonde girl joins the all male colliery band.

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