On Blogging

I have written a lot about blogging here. This was my first ever post about the subject, in 2012. Hardly anyone has ever seen it.


As you all know, I am a new ‘Blogger’. I would like to thank all my friends, and a few outsiders too, (Ecuador? Not Assange, surely?) for reading my blog. I am also privileged to have a few ‘followers’, something I found unusually exciting! However, those of you who have not yet embarked on your own Blog will be unaware of something very annoying.
When someone ‘likes’ your Blog, or an individual post, you receive an e mail telling you that they do. This also includes a link to their Blog, and their username, with an invitation to visit their site. When you have only posted a few entries, it can be very encouraging to start to receive these notifications. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, these ‘fellow bloggers’ are simply trying to sell you something. Whether it is by clicking a link in their Blog, or an actual direct request…

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19 thoughts on “On Blogging

    1. Very true. I was posting some of these to just 4-5 followers. I still have those followers, but many of the thousands more who have ‘followed’ since have never read any of my posts.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. It’s amazing that you were able to concentrate on blogging in 2012! There were so many disastrous events that year: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mega tsunamis, and even a global flood! Fortunately, some of us were able to board one of the arks. But I’m sad to report that I didn’t get to meet John Cusack or Amanda Peet.

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  2. I don’t get many fake likes (that I’m aware of) but do get a lot of spam which is thankfully caught. I turned off the email notification for ‘likes’ but left it on for comments and new followers. Since I use the Reader I still see notifications there without them filling up my inbox.

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