The joy of darkness.

One of my first ever (very short) posts. Enjoying the dark nights of Beetley, back in 2012.


It takes a while to get used to driving everywhere after dark with headlights on, and no street lighting. After a lifetime in London, lit everywhere inside the M25, you feel like the proverbial rabbit at first. But you learn to love the darkness. The night sky is little short of a miracle, a myriad of stars never seen in London, with all the light pollution. Sleep is a joy in total pitch black too. Turn off your lights World, and embrace the darkness!

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21 thoughts on “The joy of darkness.

      1. I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I sit on my back porch most summer evenings in the dark. I often think about city kids and what they are missing. Best to you, Pete

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    1. We deliberately chose a place with no street lighting. Two local people were trying to get up a petition for it when we first moved here, but nobody would sign. They moved away instead.
      Cheers, Pete.

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  1. Until I moved to NZ I hadn’t really appreciated how wonderful the night sky is, where I live now by a wet lands bird sanctuary rules of building, no street lights 🙂

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  2. “Flush with thousands of glimmering stars, constellations, bright planets, galaxies, and beyond—all remarkably visible to the naked eye—Nevada speaks with some of the last true dark skies in America. Unblemished, unbelievably crisp, clear starry night skies can be found in all corners of the Silver State, thanks to the way Nevada was considerate enough to concentrate almost all of its 3 million residents into two metro areas and a handful of intriguing little towns.” — Travel Nevada

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