Sunny Sunday Musings

We finally got some of the Summer I was waiting for. On one day this week, I was actually uncomfortably hot! (Only becuase I was overdressed for the unexpected weather)
Not so great for Ollie of course, who spends most of his walk in and out of the river, cooling off. Also not wonderful for Hay Fever, which hit me hard on Friday. But I will take the tablets, and enjoy the sunshine.


As most of you already know, I have the DVLA ‘Pass or fail’ eye test next Friday. If I fail, that’s it. No more driving, ever. Meanwhile, I have been driving at every opportunity, in case I have to try to remember the feeling of just driving down the road with the window open on a lovely day after next weekend.


We went to a family celebration in Suffolk last night. It was a delight for Julie to meet relatives she had not seen (for various reasons) for seven years. We enjoyed a delicious meal in beautiful surroundings, and there was much laughter and catching up. This is where it was held.

As a result, we got home quite late, and stayed up to amuse Ollie who had been left all evening. That meant I didn’t wake up until 9am this morning.

Here we are at the dinner table.


I have decided not to mention British politics or the war in Ukraine today. I am trying to keep a good mood going until next Friday.


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, a relaxing and peaceful one.


69 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday Musings

  1. I will be looking forward to reading a post detailing your successful test. I’m sure this has weighed on your mind for quite some time.

    My mom was much older than you, but I was with her when I saw she should no longer be driving an automobile. She was understandably resentful when I took her keys away. It was one of those unpleasant things you do in life, but in my mom’s situation, it was the right thing to do as she was a danger to herself and others.

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    1. If I thought I was remotely dangerous I would not drive, Pete. I drive my wife around, my dog around, and occasionally both grandchildren. But in 53 years I have only had one accident that was my fault, and that was in 1970. The only driving conviction I had was a speeding ticket (40 in a 30) over 30 years ago. The stress of the licence renewal has made me feel ill for 4 months now, as my life will literally be ruined if they take it away.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. (1) It’s so hot here in Las Vegas that nudists are shedding layers of skin.
    (2) Do you need a license to own and fly a hot air balloon? If not, then when it comes to traveling, the sky’s the limit.
    (3) Worlington Hall looks relatively delightful with its relatively beautiful surroundings. The meals look relatively delicious, and you two look relatively happy. Also, seven years is a relatively long period of time to be away from one’s relatives.
    (4) According to my neighbor Faye, there may be peace in Pahrump, but there’s war in Beatty. I asked her to prove it, but she said she’d already dunaway with her stack of Nevada newspapers.
    (5) And speaking of Nevada, every day is sun day here.

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  3. A wonderfully, life-affirming photo of you and Julie looking radiant. Fingers crossed for that eye test. And, much as I find release basking in hot sun, I hope for lots of cooling-off opportunities for Ollie. XX

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  4. I guess near Mildenhall,
    you could have taken off.
    Ollie thought you had
    I see no wine, only water in your GLASS
    surely that is bad.
    You ate too much I know you did
    Julie thought you sad
    And wobbling out to the car
    You fell out on your = = = =
    It was a good night though
    it was heard about the other side of he world

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