The World’s Oldest Continually Inhabited Buldings

Thanks to an online feature, I discovered these fascinating historical buildings that are all still inhabited today.

Iran. People have lived in these for at least 800 years.

France. Lived in since the 13th Century.

Yemen. Exact date unknown.

Near Jericho, Palestine. Still occupied, since 480 AD.

Iran again. 3,000 years old.

Matera, Italy. Lived in for almost 9,000 years.

New Mexico, USA. Dating from 1180 AD.

The Faroe Islands. This large house has been lived in by the same family since the 11th Century.

They were all obviously built to last!

48 thoughts on “The World’s Oldest Continually Inhabited Buldings

  1. Thats fantastic, Pete! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and impressive information. Let’s hope we will not get back to this kind of living, as i had read Armaggedon is predicted again for 2040. Unless we radically change our lifestyle. Best wishes, Michael

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  2. I have only seen the ones in Taos, New Mexico. I was amused by the tv antennas sprouting all over from the adobe buildings. The ruins in Mesa Verde are not inhabited, but show the same kind of “apartment house” look still present in Taos.

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  3. I think it would be very special to live in such an ancient place and think of the hundreds of people who came before. I have always had a yen for really old stuff. I wonder how many have “ghosts”.

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