Fans And Flip-Flops

After my recent complaints about chilly summer weather, the heatwave arrived yesterday, and is set to last until late Saturday evening.

77 degrees (F) on Wednesday, 80F already today, and a possible 91F tomorrow. (I am going back to the pre-Celcius values, as they still seem more relevant to me.)

Naturally, English people are panicking about sunstroke and sunburn, hydration, adequate sunscreen creams, and not leaving dogs in hot cars.

I took Ollie out much earlier today, and it was still very warm despite that. Ollie’s fur is thick of course, so it must feel like he’s wearing a padded jacket in this weather. He was able to cool off in the river, then I took him into the shade of the woodland area for the rest of the walk.

As for me, I was wearing shorts and a straw sun hat, so no issues. I was pleased to see another bright sunny day. In the house, it is windows open, flip-flops on my feet, and a small ‘doughnut fan’ blowing on me as I sit at the computer.

Making the most of that three-day heatwave.

71 thoughts on “Fans And Flip-Flops

  1. Here it has gone really hot over the last few days, and the whole country is burning (physically. There are lots of fires as well). A nightmare so early in the summer. It’s supposed to improve on Sunday but… Take care, Pete.

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  2. I don’t know if English weather has become unseasonal like NZ has, This is winter and we have had some warm days lately with Ollie’s rellies swimming at the beach. But last Xmas day (mid summer here) was too cold for a picnic or a swim. We have had tornados for the first time in one place up north last week while down south the passes (highways going over the mountains) have been closed with snow..
    We are 2 long narrow islands and prone to winds – mostly westerly from Aussie, an easterly off the Pacific which gives a cool breeze over the sun and then the southerly from the antarctic which freezes under the sporran!
    People think NZ is tropical but I have had a motorcyclist lying on the road heading into hypothermia in a summers evening.
    My experience was London was hotter in summer than people believed me back in NZ. I had to change shirts at lunchtime. I remember the expression “close” for when it was humid. Can some of you remind me of those other quaint English weather expressions . . .

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    1. It is unusual for June. It would normally be barely 20C at this time, but today was 27, tomorrow 33.
      ‘Close’ was always used for humidity in my family, as the main problem in London was all the buildings and hot pavements. It is nothing like that in Beetley.
      Most of the unusual expressions for weather come from outside London and the south-east.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I remember coming to work at Battersea, having walked from Clapham Jct railway in a few spits and pointing up to the sky to Subsidy Syd, implying should I load a raincoat and he said “Na, just a sparrow flew over”. Another one of his was “God trying to create a puddle”. “It won’t make the Thames rise”. “It won’t make the Guvnor any wetter”.
        Sounds like Britain has finally gone metric.

        In the outback of Aussie, the cheap Jap import Datsun was the car of choice. The easiest way to deliver car parts was by plane & paradropping. A chap from Norfolk was on holiday and saw this occurring and was gobsmacked. He called back home to his wife who enquired about the weather and he said “Julie, its raining Datsun cogs”.

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  3. We could use a heatwave here. While other parts of the country are sweltering, we are still waiting for summer to arrive in the Northwest. At least we’ll be in the sixties today and may be spared rain.

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  4. It looks like we’ll get a “cool” weekend here in Las Vegas, with highs only around 35° C / 95° F. Today, though, the high is forecast to be 43° C / 109° F. That sounds bad, but wait till we hit 47° C / 117° F later this summer! (Please send us your “heat wave,” and send Marilyn, too!)

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  5. It’s 33 Celsius here (don’t know what that is Fahrenheit) all I know is it’s darn hot! Glad we have a community pool. My dogs, although short haired and used to heat, are being very lazy and sleeping on my bed under the fan.

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  6. Once or twice I was in England during a very hot summer and it was overwhelming because England is not geared for hot weather. I was in a hotel, on a training course. We had to beg for fans. The Americans were frustrated they could not get ice.

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    1. No, we are geared up to survive cold weather, and hot summers are not regular enough to worry about them. That said, we do have 3 fans in the house, and we use them. especially to sleep at night.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. I hope you see my previous comment, Pete: I think WP is having one of it’s hissy fits at the moment: I posted this morning, and the ‘classic’ block wasn’t working properly. Thanks WP! [not] Cheers, Jon.

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    1. Sorry to hear that, Jack. I never take my shirt off outside. My mum brought me up to consider that it was ‘rude’, except at the beach, and then only if you were actually going into the water. 🙂
      Once I am indoors and not going out again, I generally only wear a dressing gown. I have 3 different ones, for different temperatures.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. If you call that a “heat wave”, then you should never come here. 😉 A few days ago, our forecast predicted 101 Fahrenheit and at the same time called it “cooler than yesterday”. We will have to live with tempertatures in the upper 90s and even in the three-digits figures for the next three months, with barely any exception. That’s South Central Texas. 😞
    Stay cool, my friend,

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    1. By UK standards, 80 is ‘Very Hot’, and anything more is a ‘Heatwave’. We are not set up for warm weather here. Few houses (almost none) have A/C, and almost all are built of brick, with cavity wall and loft insulation to keep in the heat during winter.
      If we had to go and live in Texas in the summer, we would be overwhelmed, Pit. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I’m glad we have central A/C. I can still remember our old place in Karnes County, farther south with a lot more humidity and the same or even higher temperatures, and only one single working window unit for A/C, and nowadays I’m wondering how we survived there. 😊

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