37 thoughts on “Things You No Longer Need To Know (3)

  1. When I was young, a floppy disk was a thing to cherish and wonder at. I remember touching my first floppy disk at school when I was 13…I was so scred and sure I will break it. My school housed five computers then, which was considered VERY posh at the time. Now, it is no big deal.

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  2. Funny thing is these so-called floppies were in hard cases, the true floppies are the 5¼-inch disks. My first computer (1991) had twin 3½-inch drives and a 20 MB hard disk with 4mg RAM. I could do most things on that computer including playing games. Took a long time to transfer data from an old PC to a new one though. (My computer degree course was 1988 – 1992 so I remember all this well).

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  3. In my first job at a computer company I was given around 30 disks and a computer and told to load windows 3.1 ! That’s was a tough learning curve, solved over lunch time drinks at the local pub with pint diplomacy 🙂 I still have a couple of 3.5inch floppy drives in my computer bits box, just in case 🙂

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  4. (1) Advice to Myron of Eleutherae: “Whatever you do, make sure he’s not throwing a floppy disk!”
    (2) My doctor says that a floppy disk is better than a herniated disk.
    (3) An old man who lives on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, claims to have found a large broken disk back in 1947. But he never provided any information on that disk. (“If I ever wrote a book about that disk, it’d surely be a flop!”)

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  5. Daft thing they were rigid. The early floppy disks were a bit bendy. I remember transferring from the old style to the new ones – took ages – download onto pc then copy to new disk and label all over again. Then we moved on to flat silver disks and now these are fast becoming obsolete.

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  6. I did use them at work and for my stories, but they got easily corrupted. One of my bosses had an old-style computer in my last job and still had floppy disks, but her was the only computer that did when I changed jobs, and not any longer by the time I left. I found some while packing my house, but I gave them away…

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