43 thoughts on “Things You No Longer Need To Know (4)

  1. Actually…I think my preschoolers need to understand a real clock. An analog clock is still needed, and it’s far more than just reading numbers. Lunchtime at school is a classic example; when they beg for a Jennie Story we look at the clock, because the big hand needs to be on the 6. That opens the door for big discussions on the math of an analog clock.

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  2. I always have a “proper” clock on my walls. Wrist watches are still beautiful to me although I recognize I know longer wear them. I just look at my phone. Speaking of phones — there are no public phone booths any more. Maybe a stray one at an airport.

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  3. A week or so ago, I went in for an annual medical examination. One of the exam questions i had to answer was to draw ten minutes after ten on a round circle. So, I am guessing I should keep this knowledge for a bit until they stop asking that kind of question. I also see analog clocks in some stores. Have they replaced Big Ben yet? Warmest regards, Theo

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  4. I can’t imagine not being able to read a clock face. Working for an airline, of course time was of the essence and we always thought in GMT. I always use the 24 hour clock. I never got used to “half five” for eg. was never sure if it was 1630 or 1730.

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    1. Very glad to hear that, Beth. We bought our granddaughter a wooden clock-face. It’s a shape-sorter with a different shape for each hour. Hopefully, she will get the idea when she is a bit older. (She’s only two, but can do the shapes easily)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. It tell my clients to come at a quarter to, quarter past, half past etc – and they will arrive immediately . . . and when you say its not time yet, they have no clue – poor young things.

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    1. Julie wears a Radley watch I got her for her birthday. But hardly anyone under 50 reads the time that way now. Smart watches and Fitbits are mostly digital, though some have hands options just to be fashionably ‘retro’. I doubt most young people have ever needed to learn how to tell it the old way, just digitally.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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