Father’s Day

I have been a step-dad to four children for the best part of 21+ years now.

But this day is for their real dad. Their biological dad, who they still see occasionally. I get that, completely.

However, as far as Ollie is concerned, I am his dad, the only one he has ever known.

So, he got me a card, and four packets of one of my favourite treats. Special soft nougat, with nuts.

His writing is improving as he gets older, and I will enjoy the nougat over the next few weeks. 🙂

62 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Hi Pete, I am glad you got treats from Ollie for Fathers Day. I don’t know if I ever told you that my dad is actually my step-dad. I am not his biological child. I love him to pieces and he is the reason I made such a big spread for Fathers Day. I don’t believe he sees me differently to his ‘real’ daughters.

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  2. Good boy, Ollie! Here Father’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of March (Saint Joseph’s), so I always get the dates quite confused in any case. The nougat sounds like a great present and you look very well after Ollie, so not surprised he looks after you as well. Big hugs, Pete.

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      1. I’m not much into sweets but nougat is something you don’t really see here. What I used to like was Halva. The kind I’m thinking of had a similar taste, not too sweet. What I could have called a blog was “Counting Calories”, something I did from age 15!!! And at BA it was counting kilos, money, passengers. I figure I’ll end up in a home with people asking “why is she always counting?”!

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  3. I concur what you say about Sir Ollie, he’s not only his man’s best friend but he has good choice in nougat. I hope it was shared ??

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