Avian Alarm Clock

I recently wrote about feeling unusually tired. It could have been the sudden onset of a heatwave, or possibly that I was taking Hay Fever tablets. Over the weekend, I managed to feel a little livelier, stopped taking the tablets, and got back into a decent sleep routine.

However, starting on Monday, some local crows decided I needed to be awake early, much earlier than was good for me. At 4:10am, they started their racket close to the bedroom window. Having windows open overnight because of the warm weather didn’t help, and I jumped up, conviced some crows were actually in the room, it was so loud.

A few minutes later, they stopped completely, as if they had been ‘switched off’.

On Tuesday, they let me sleep until 4:20am, and this morning they waited until 4:26am. As I lay there, unable to get back to sleep, I started to wonder why crows seem to take weekends off, then get busy with their cacophony bright and early at the start of the working week.

They are up to something!

57 thoughts on “Avian Alarm Clock

  1. Pete, these are the same crows that were here last summer. It was awful. They were loud and chased the beautiful hawks away. This summer they are gone and the beautiful, gentle hawks have returned. Those crows must have moved to Beetley. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Maybe a little tribute to Hitchcock? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here last week a blue tit tried to enter our house by using the opened window. As it saw me, it stuck like a drone, watched me and left only after approximately four minutes. Was this an investigative operation? ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx Michael

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  3. Heat wave? What heatwave?! It’s been 60-68F since April. Oh one day it reached 77 but that was it. I am still in winter clothes and the electric blanket has to be switched on each night still. As for the crows: have you got any shiny objects near the window? Crows go near house windows to look for shiny objects for their nests, as do magpies. When I lived in a second floor bedsit in a big Victorian house over ten years ago I would get a lot of birds come around the window sill due to the big trees they sat in. I saw a jackdaw come and feed and teach her fledgling to fly one day. That was magical! I also had a pair of long tailed tits come for their breakfast each morning ( I started putting out toast and seeds for the birds). Then there was Nutkin the squirrel. He was very clever and a right character. The only birds who made an annoying noise were pigeons.

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    1. It has been from 24-27C and up to 33C here, so very warm most days with little or no rain. I have been sleeping with a big fan going in the bedroom. Today is cloudy, and only 19C, but still humid. There are no shiny objects nearby, but the windows have a semi-reflective coating that might fool the birds when they see their own reflections.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. These sound like the same crows that were waking me up every morning a few weeks ago. Iโ€™m not hearing them now, here in Sheridan, Wyoming, in the U.S.A. So, maybe they migrated to Beetley, England. LOL!

    By the way, I wrote a poem several years ago about a crow waking me up. It was recently published in The Weekly Avocet. If youโ€™re still taking guest posts, Iโ€™ll send it. I hope your crows move somewhere else soon and am glad youโ€™re feeling more energetic.

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  5. Here the crows did not take off the weekend, Sunday morning I was greeted by a dozen or so crows cawing and flying ay a branch of a tree about 100โ€™ from my bedroom window. They were trying to chase away a bald eagle sitting there calmly eating a prey, paying little heed to the angry crows. The only time it got excited was when a second bald eagle landed on the branch and got promptly sent on itโ€™s way.
    This crow attack went on for over an hour until the eagle flew to the ground and strutted around the yard for a bit. And then all the birds left.

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    1. They have always been around since we moved here, but never so close to the house before. Perhaps they are competing for the food I put out for smaller birds, I’m not sure.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. You have my sympathy, Pete, but I don’t need crows to wake me up at any & all times of the night: I manage that very successfully by myself! I have come to appreciate the benefit of an afternoon siesta! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheers, Jon.

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