Four Pages Of Trash, Six Pages Of Spam

WordPress continues to sneak genuine comments into both of these folders, for no apparent reason.

After searching through ten pages of comments this evening, I found three genuine comments from trusted followers.

So my tip for today is that it might be worth you taking time to check yours.

28 thoughts on “Four Pages Of Trash, Six Pages Of Spam

  1. This is happening to me too Pete. My usual 50-80 spam comments daily, I’ve found a few of my regular readers get thrown there. So yes, it’s time consuming, but a quick scan before deleting a page full of them is good advice. 🙂

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  2. I’m having the same trouble, Pete. I gave up trying to send comments to Trash directly since so many genuine comments from regular followers were ending up there, even more than in spam. And I have so much in spam everyday now, I’ll probably miss some genuine ones as I don’t always have time to sort through them all.

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