Art Deco And Modernist London In Photographs

Regular readers may remember that my favourite style of achitecture is Art Deco, and the Modernist designs that formed part of it. I have posted photos of Art Deco buildings on here previously, but I was lucky to find some more online today. I appreciate that it tends to divide people, and that they either love it, or hate it.

I love it.

The White House, Hendon. I would not particularly want to live in Hendon, but I would love to live in a house like this.

East Finchley Tube Station. Many London Underground stations were built in this style.

The John Keeble Church, Millhill.

Kingsley Court apartments, Willesden.

The Empire Pool and Arena, Wembley.

The State Cinema, Kilburn. I have seen films in there on many occasions.

Residential Houses in Arnos Grove.

Randall’s Department Store, Uxbridge.

A Modernist house in Twickenham, close to the River Thames.

The former Coty Cosmetics factory, Brentford.

42 thoughts on “Art Deco And Modernist London In Photographs

  1. I love this style. Our modernism here in Catalonia is quite different, but I do love both. Oh, it’s funny to see the State Cinema in Kilburn, because some of my relatives (my aunt, uncle and my cousin John) lived very nearby, although by the time I moved to the UK it was no longer a cinema. Thanks, Pete.

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  2. I love it too, although I can imagine that the curved metal window frames are a devil to maintain, and not very good in the way of thermal insulation: style over substance, perhaps? 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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      1. And why not round? We get so programmed in to one thing or another. I just saw the real estate listing for my old house in Washington State. The people who bought it from me (for what I had paid, which was fortunate as the market was depressed then) apparently decided to invest a whole lot of money into the property. It’s hard to figure out from the pictures what is what, it’s so different but it has lost its character. Maybe because it is “staged” for showing so it looks stark and antiseptic. The sad thing is that they ripped out a whole lot of beautiful trees. More losses for Nature. I used o see possoms, raccoons and coyotes and lots of birds.

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  3. Pete, if you like Art Deco then come to the Art Deco festival in Napier NZ.
    As well as frivolity, it has a poignant origin. It goes back in time and stops the clock at 3rd February 1931, when a major earthquake killed 256 (many at the Nurses Home). This was 70 more deaths than the earthquake here in Christchurch a decade ago (where I had a lucky escape).
    Napier was cut off and saved by the HMS Veronica which happened to be coming into port. So each year the Navy is in town with its earthquake memorial ceremonies and band concerts, Bertie is dressed with monocle and wanders around ensuring everyone is of the era, vintage cars come from all over NZ, the locals & visitors dress up as in the 30s (if you don’t you are out of place), there is a Ritz Street Party, Gadsby picnics, Silver Slipper Ball, jazz bands use megaphones, tiger moths fly over. The city has many preserved buildings from the post WW1 era. Napier is known as the Art Deco Capital of the world.

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