Being invisible

Pippa does not allow Likes and Comments on her blog. She posts rarely, but always has something to say when she does. So I have decided to reblog her short post from today, to make more people aware of her many talents.

Pippa Rathborne

“Acting for me was a salvation into which I fell, a piece of the family puzzle that was given to me, and I snapped it in place, and there was now a whole image, a fuller person, something where previously there had been nothing…. acting affords me the luxury of metaphysical time travel….of living within someone else’s skin…

Acting is the only way I know of in which we can live the fantasy of being invisible.”

Alec Guinness, in an interview with James Grissom, 1991

Thalia drops her mask for a moment and, believing she is unobserved off-stage, looks disillusioned and exhausted.
She wanted to practise her ancient art invisibly, not sell it in the modern industry. I know how she feels.

Thalia, sculpture by Giovanni Volpato. 1790s Bisque, Liebieghaus, Frankfurt. Image: Web Gallery of Art

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28 thoughts on “Being invisible

  1. As I commented just now, you are too clever at flushing me out. To be fair to myself as a Bad Blogger, the site about my professional persona was always intended as a website, a formal “shop window”, protected with glass, rather than a blog, and keeping my personal life and opinions out. It was not meant to be unfriendly to the blogging community!

    (My “blog” – the Scratch Post – is rotting in its field, as you know, Pete – I was overwhelmed by the futilty of it.)

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    1. Pippa is a consummate actress/actor, (I never know which is politically correct now) Jon, with an oustanding pedigree, and impressive CV. You might enjoy following her blog.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. Thank you, Jon! Solidarity! And best wishes for getting lots of work. We don’t want people plucking out the heart of our mystery, but we don’t want to be unfriendly to them, either. We prefer to reveal ourselves through other characters, other people’s words etc….Pete is too clever at flushing me out.

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  2. When I saw that you had kindly reblogged me, I rehearsed an explanation for my bad blogging habits to accompany my thanks, and then saw that you had expressed everything I wanted to say better than I could. Thank you, Pete, for your humanity and writer’s insight.

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