Is There Still A War In Ukraine?

Reblogging this from my other blog because I want more people to see it.


I know, silly question.

But if you had been watching all the main news channels here for the past week, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ukraine and Russia had called it quits.

Boris Johnson, lies in parliament, resignation, who wants his job. Big news. Bigger than a war that might escalate across Europe, even become a world war?

Well the mainstream media obviously thinks so. Even the Wimbledon tennis and Women’s football took precedence.

Then the former prime minister of Japan was assassinated.

But they had to cut back from that to the ‘Breaking News’ that Keir Starmer was not going to be charged with any breach of lockdown rules.

Ukraine? Nothing. I sat through a few main bulletins hoping to be told what was going on, but all I got were updates on who was going to stand for election as Conservative leader, then some lightweight stuff…

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32 thoughts on “Is There Still A War In Ukraine?

  1. Geographically the war is very near to us, but the sadiest are all these different news.More and more i am asking myself, why nobody had tried to stop this long before in 2008? Now Russia has captured the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. I don’t think they will give it back, but Selenskyi want’s to fight for it. ;-( xx Michael

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  2. The BBC is my default news channel only because they always were but these days I don’t really know where to turn for facts. Someone always has to put their spin on it. Ukraine? Wasn’t that back in March? Putin…wasn’t he supposed to be dead by now?

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    1. I know there are millions of Tennis fans, but they have close to 16 hours of Wimbledon on TV every day. I think the BBC News has a responsibility to report on a war so close to Europe, rather than the mixed doubles.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Our news is still dominated by who will become the next Prime Minister, and who wins at Wimbledon. I haven’t seen anything worth knowing about Ukraine for almost a week now, not even online.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. I was referring to a BBC News report about there being ‘plenty of ice cream’ in Worthing and Eastbourne, Sue. They considered that to be more important than the war in Ukraine.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. They are not emphasizing Ukraine any more because they want to try to hide the fact that Ukraine is a lost cause and that we are edging closer to a confrontation on the battlefield with Russia that could result in world war Three ..and they want to take people’s minds off the fact that the West is sending billions of dollars to defend Ukraine at a huge cost to their own domestic needs … a form of insanity …and besides, the novelty is wearing off now.

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  4. Yes I’ve noticed that too, Pete. I’m sick of hearing about Wimbledon and our pathetic politicians. Whoever takes over from Boris will make no difference to me unless they misjudge the Ukrainian issue – in which case, well…. it doesn’t bear thinking about!

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