Bad Taste, Huge Expense

As Boris falls from grace, insiders helping his demise are leaking information about his time as Prime Minister. I found this online, about the expensive refurbishments he authorised in his accommodation at Number Ten Downing Street. (Chosen by his wife, Carrie) He got a friend to pay for it, and rewarded him politically, but this is just a snippet of the excess he enjoyed as Britain was locked down, and many were losing their jobs. This was the finished living room, which I think you will agree is an eyesore after Carrie’s choices.

Estimates vary, but it is believed they spent almost £200,000 on the 4-bed flat, including the cost for decorators and installers. That equates to 21,000 hours work at the minimum wage for many people in this country. Almost 2.5 years of their salary.

It would give me a headache to sit in this awful living room.

Some of the individual item costs are unbelievable. Boris and Carrie obviously have no idea how ‘ordinary people’ live.

Close to £80,000 for the items in the living room, not including the cost of the trade work.

That rug alone cost £7,000.

One sofa cost £7,500, and they bought two. That was without the cost of the fabric covering it, at almost £2,900.

One armchair, in matching fabric. £4,200.

A mirror, (which he doesn’t use to comb his hair) £3,000.

One lamp, plus lampshade, £8,500.

I could go on. But it makes me feel ill to do so. You can read the invoice, and that is just a ‘Part Invoice’.

This from a man who thought trained nurses were ‘paid handsomely’ at less than £40,000 a year.

A man who said that railway workers earned ‘too much money’ at £41,000 a year. (Including overtime and unsocial shift pay)

A man who said that the minimum wage of £9.50 an hour was ‘more than enough to live on’.

Is it any wonder that they call his wife ‘Carrie Antionette’?

It it any wonder that he has now been forced to resign?

Not to me it is not. It is long overdue.

73 thoughts on “Bad Taste, Huge Expense

      1. The next prime minister will definitely do that.
        In my opinion, Boris and his wife should cover the costs of this.
        A disgrace to spend so much money of the citizens.

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  1. Gawdie doesn’t even cut it. My eyes hurt just looking at the picture. Drapes blending into the wallpaper, lolol. But so sad at such a waste of money while people starve. 😦

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    1. So many government ministers have offshore bank accounts, they are being investigated by our Inland Revenue for ‘dodgy’ tax dealings. Yet they still continue in government. It is shameless corruption.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. it is the polar opposite of welcoming and relaxing. the money situation, while others starved, is unforgivable and I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. similar to our former president

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  3. That color scheme speaks to me of someone who is suffering from some kind of paranoia. It is stunningly surreal and should have set off alarm bells to anyone who had to endure it for whatever the reason.

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      1. Actully Pete, I believe that people who like to lay on their backs and look up would be people in the nude who like to watch themselves in mirrors installed on the ceilings. If the wallpaper on the ceiling were reflective, I might see your point. The PM and his wife may have felt uncomfortable with visitors so they decorated their flat the way they did in hopes of making visitors squirm and try to get out of the surroundings as quickly as possible.

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        1. I entered a comment on your blog about your article, “They Will Never Tell You” but I am not sure my comment got through. So, here it is again:

          There is an old saying that “Work” becomes “Pleasure” when you work at something you truly love. I respect the argument your poem makes concerning boundaries. However, I also believe that the truely successful person sets his or her boundaries higher than the ordinary boundaries of the clueless horde of humanity that surrounds him or her.

          Early on I became sick and tired of the boundaries demanded of me (Forced onto me) by employers for whom I worked. I decided to do something about it so I learned to work smarter instead of harder and as the time passed, I managed to become the owner, the boss and the CEO so that now, other people worked for me within the boundaries that I set for my company.

          The never-ending “Burning Desire” to do something always motivates and inspires and the person with the ambition defined by “Burning Desire” takes lessons from failures …inspires one to recognize and take advantage of opportunities … builds the courage to forge ahead against all odds …

          We have to get to the point where we are the ones creating the boundaries for others rather than remaining in a stagnation that forces us to adhere to the boundaries that other people set for us.

          I learned this lesson through hard experience to be sure but when the day finally came that I realized I was in possession of a Million Dollar credit rating.. the reality of what I have been saying dawned on me like a lightning bolt and propelled me to heights I had never thought I could ever achieve.

          Is all this based on simple positive thinking or is it all “Luck?” No, it is all based on a universal law that cannot be broken …the law that says, in essence, “As a man sows, so also shall he reap.”

          Sow “Expectation” through the shield of that Burning Desire and keep those expectations constant and high regardless of circumstances and you will have seeded for yourself, an immutable path to get where you most desire to go.

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  4. The last person to shake PM Teresa May’s hand was Jacinda Ardern.
    The last person to shake PM Boris’ hand (and just about had it broken) was . . . guess who . . .
    Anyone wanna borrow our NZ PM ????

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