Sunday Musings In A ‘Heatwave’ July

Today sees the start of increasing temperatures that are forecast to give us the second ‘heatwave’ (by UK standards) of 2022. We are expecting 32-33C (90-92F) by midweek, with hot and humid nights. For me, this means taking Ollie out much earlier, to spare him the afternoon heat, and sleeping on top of the bed in front of a large pedestal fan. No rain is forecast, so that at least will keep me cheerful.


For anyone still remotely interested, (and I do not blame you if you are not) my driving licence has still not been received. So I am continuing to drive on a technically ‘expired’ licence, and if stopped, I will look forward to a day in court exposing the complete shambles that is the DVLA here.


There is no news that does not concern who will replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. So for me this is of no interest. Whoever replaces him will still be hitting the poor, the working class, and the unions. Trampling on hard-won rights and working conditions, and laughing at those struggling to get by. Also trying to dismantle our beloved NHS, and continuing to sell off its services to private companies based in America. In short, I hate them all, with a vengeance. So I will hate whoever they choose, for as long as I am still alive. (That hatred is real, not a choice of words.)


I’m struggling to think of anything postive for these musings, to be honest. But we are looking forward to our 7-day holiday in September. Although in England, and only 90 miles from Beetley, it gives us a change of scene next to a beach, and we can take Ollie with us.
Everyone on Earth needs something to look forward to, and this holiday is what I look forward to, humble though it may be.


More shootings in America since I was last here. My one observation is that those ‘brave gun owners’, that ‘good man with a gun’, much lauded by the NRA, appeared to be too scared to fire back at the Chicago shooter. Why am I not surprised about that? Taking selfies in front of your 200+ gun collection is very different to having the guts to fire back.
That ‘brave man with a gun’ is just a coward with a gun. They all are, that is why they own guns. The are scared, but they are also too scared to use them when it matters. Cowards.


That’s about it for the 10th of July. I hope you have a stress-free Sunday, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.


60 thoughts on “Sunday Musings In A ‘Heatwave’ July

  1. Pete I specially came looking for any news on the licence, it is appalling that this is happening. I am glad that you have started driving again nevertheless and I will be cheering you on if you do have your day in court. As you know hubby has had same experience whereby they would not accept the word of his consultant , his issue was not sight but sleep apnea that was well controlled, we both feel for you. Xx

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  2. Sounds like we feel the same about our crumbling world. And the license. That is ridiculous already and I would do the same – drive until I get caught and then maybe be heard. 🙂

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  3. I am feeling so sorry for your driving license, and this very horrible procedere. Maybe you should make a conversation “Johnson to Johnson”. I think the primeminister has some more spare time now. As i have seen you could reach him on a direct email address. xx Michael

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  4. Your observation “Everyone on Earth needs something to look forward to,” is spot on. As for gun owners firing back, I have often wondered why they duck and cover when they could duck and fire back? Warmest regards, Theo

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  5. For the first time yesterday, I removed the cardi and am happy that more sun is on its way it certainly has followed me but I came prepared with my flip-flops and summer dresses…my lovely temporary loft bedroom has a through breeze if I open the windows so no fan required yet its beautiful x

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  6. Hi Pete, I’ve been out of town, and then down with a cold. So much reading to catch up on. I’m so sorry you still haven’t heard about your drivers license. It’s ridiculous. Glad you’re enjoying the warmer weather and looking forward to your holiday. I’m as disturbed by the gun violence over here as everyone else. Seems insurmountable like many things these days. Hugs, C

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  7. You’d love my bedroom then. Never gets past 68f. Very dark cool room that faces a north facing Victorian back yard. It’s rare I don’t need the electric blanket on ( even if it’s on the lowest setting to take chill off ). I’d love a bright sunny bedroom!

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    1. Our bedroom gets the sun only in the afternoon, but the whole house warms up during the day and stays warm at night. It is a bungalow, with cavity wall insulations and a well-insulated loft. Perfect for 10 months of the year, but too warm in a ‘heatwave’.
      68f at night is still much too warm for comfortable sleeping for me. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  8. (1) Celebrities never put fans on a pedestal. But they should.
    (2) Pete Johnson, the DVLA Avenger. He named his car Emma, and loves to Peel out on country roads!
    (3) We have private companies in America? I thought they were all owned and run by the CCP!
    (4) Headline: “British Troopers Pete, Julie, and Ollie Storm Norfolk Beach!”
    (5) Another shooting in America? Son of a gun!
    (6) I know someone who has put his fiction aside for a few days in order to work on a songwriting team’s website.

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    1. I failed my first driving test at age 17, (on reversing around a corner, that was all) then got a cancellation for the following week, and passed. He shouldn’t worry too much, not everyone passes first time. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. The cost of healthcare here is exorbitant, Pete. I hope you keep your NHS intact. It is so unbelievable how tied up your driver’s license renewal has taken. I know it must be beyond frustrating. The gun violence here is so out of control I doubt we can ever curb it. It is enough to make me avoid malls, parades, movie theaters, and any public gathering spaces. Politics globally leaves us all in an abysmal shape.

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    1. I can understand you avoiding publiuc spaces, Maggie. It sometimes seems that there are no safe places left in America. I have no idea what it would take for those Americans to give up their guns. Since January this year, more than 92,000,000 guns have been purchased in your country. That just added to the already staggering amount that existed previously.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. Pete, we are in the midst of very dark times here…as for your NHS note, here in the US, our previous President tried to “privatize” the postal service, claiming massive losses, which isn’t true. He also put a “questionable” crony in charge who, when asked, didn’t know the cost of a first class stamp, but proceeded to purposefully sabotage their service in order to prove it needed to be given to his business friends to run. Sickening, and just one example of how we have seen horrible damage to our country by one person’s pure evil.

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    1. That sounds familiar. They have been running down the NHS so they can claim it needs to be run by private companies. One thing the people of Britain are unlikely to tolerate is a wholesale sell-off of the NHS, hence the ‘back-door’ negotiations beginning with selling off some ‘Ancillary services’ to contractors.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  11. young kid (in America) goes into a bar & asks for a drink (Get out you’re underage)

    He goes into a betting shop (Get out ya too young)

    He sits in the drivers seat of the family car and dad says (Get out you too young for a licence)

    so he walks down to the bookshop and takes a girly mag to the counter (No way, you’re underage).

    So he feels undervalued and goes without his parents knowledge to the gun shop and is told  . . . (would you like a silencer with that & for 5 bucks more you can have the automatic version, it fires more rounds))))

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