Iconic Historical Photographs (1)

Over the years, some photos have stayed with me. Whether I saw them in a book, or on the front page of a newspaper, the images never left my mind.

The aftermath of the Charge of The Light Brigade. Crimean War, 1854. Russian cannonballs lying on the ground.

A dead Confederate soldier at Gettysburg. American Civil War, 1863. The body was likely ‘posed by’ the photographer.

British troops waiting to go into action at The Somme. France, 1916. Look at their faces, most would probably be dead within two hours.

The moment a Republican militiaman is struck by a bullet and killed.
Spanish Civil War, 1938.

American troops heading into Omaha Beach on D-Day. France, 1944.

Young survivors of the Holocaust. Auschwitz, 1945.

The mushroom cloud of the first Atomic Bomb as it explodes over Hiroshima. Japan, 1945.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy. Dallas, 1963.

The last helicopter preparing to leave the US Embassy in Saigon. Vietnam, 1975.

49 thoughts on “Iconic Historical Photographs (1)

  1. These are amazing photographs that epitomize the saying, that a picture is worth a thousand words. My great uncle was in Saigon and was luckily helicoptered out before it was too late.

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