5,000 Posts

I had just started to compose a post when I noticed the number on the top bar. So this will be the 5,001st post on beetleypete, and the serial episode the 5,002nd.

Ten years of blogging means that I have posted at least 500 posts a year, 9.6 posts a week on average.

Stats don’t mean that much, but some are definitely worth noting.

71 thoughts on “5,000 Posts

      1. Best wishes to you! I was happy to hear Ollie is feeling better. That happened to my Emily once. We still don’t know what bit/stung her but we had to take her to emergency vet because she was acting just like your Ollie. I do hope you are feeling a bit better yourself. Make sure you are resting my friend!

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    1. On the new two-plans only option, there is a limit. of 500MB space aallowance on the free plans for new users. That won’t last long. So in some ways, they are charging you for posting more.

      “We recently have updated our plan offerings. At the moment, new free sites have a limit of 500 MB storage, while the Pro plan offers 50 GB. This presently does not affect free sites prior to the new plan updates. Our goal with these pricing changes is to make the benefits of WordPress.com available to more people.” (March 2022)

      I managed to retain my old Premium Plan, (for now) and have just renewed for another year. That has been removed for anyone who didn’t have it previously.

      The WordPress Pro Plan that replaced it is now £15 a month.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. That is because Pete you post on subjects that take us back to our forgotten childhood or to remind us of a place that we only heard of or bring up a subject that makes us laugh or cry or DRIVE us mad.
    All I can say Pete, is we give you a LICENCE to write another 5,000 while I’m alive would make me happy. Ollie agrees to.

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  2. Pete, I noticed your increase in posts when I started following you. Your imaginative mind is never idle. And you write so well. Wish I could keep up with you. I have a backlog to read. 📚🎶 Christine

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