Sickbed Musings On A July Sunday

This past week has been dominated by the weather, and by Ollie and I both being ill. I have written about it during the week, but in case you missed it…


We had the two hottest days of the year so far, including one day that broke all known UK heat records by reaching 40.2 C. (Over 104F)
That heat badly affected me, and made Ollie’s fur fall out badly too. On Thursday, I had an upset stomach, and something else had happened to Ollie. As well as his skin breaking out in an infection, he did something to his back legs (or back muscles) that meant he could not lie down. This made him distressed, and he would not eat or drink. By late afternoon, we had to take him to the Vet. He is now beginning to recover, after being prescribed antibiotics, painkillers, and steroid cream for application onto his skin.
Neither of us has completely recovered, but the signs are good that we will.


The search for a new Prime Minister has been narrowed down to two candidates. One is Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor, the other Liz Truss, the current Foreign Secretary.They will be voted for by their party members, with the winner announced in September. From my point of view it makes no difference which one wins. They will still make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.


After not being able to sit in the office to write my blog for a couple of days, most of those spent in bed, I am able to get back into the swing of things. Thanks to everyone who reads the fiction serial for your patience in waiting for the next episode.


Today is supposedly the last ‘Very hot day’ of the recent heatwave. It is expected to top 31C (88F) in Beetley, before cooling down slowly over the course of next week. I won’t be sorry to see cooler weather, as the unusual heat has really affected Ollie, and done me no favours either.


I hope you are all having a peaceful and happy Sunday, wherever you are.


49 thoughts on “Sickbed Musings On A July Sunday

  1. Arg, the world has gone mad Pete. Sorry about yours and your dog’s illness. The temps are ridiculous all around the world it seems. Glad you are on the mend. Good thing there’s no such thing as climate change, arg! 🙂

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  2. The news this morning is power outages everywhere here due to overuse of electricity in the heatwave. I can’t imagine not having a fan and losing all the food when the fridge stops working. So even though it’s awful, it could be worse. I had heatstroke once, so I know how you felt. Best to you, Pete.

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  3. I’ve managed to catch up with the events, Pete, and I’m happy to hear that you are both better. Here the heat is not getting any better (although today it is cloudy, so at least it feels slightly cooler). I agree with you on the issue of the PM. Anybody who lies slightly less might be an improvement, but…

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  4. (1) Thanks to A/C I’m maintaining a cool temperature of 86° F (30° C) inside the house. The high yesterday and today: 104° F (40° C). A welcome relief from the high this past Thursday and Friday: 114° F (45.5° C).
    (2) Truss has a lot of support.
    (3) I was patient during your down days. But I did wear a path in the carpet due to all the pacing back and forth. I also came up with some new swear words.
    (4) Monday’s high is forecast to be a frigid 97° F (36° C). Where the heck did summer go?
    (5) As I always used to say: “There’s peace in Pahrump, but war in Beatty.” (I’ve long since done away with that joke.)

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  5. Dear Pete – Glad to hear that you and Ollie are feeling better. These are tough times politically and weatherwise. Stay cool if and when possible.

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  6. I am pleased to hear that things are looking up for you now and I hope you and dear Ollie continue to improve rapidly until you both can get back to being your jolly selves once more.

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  7. I’m glad to know you and Ollie are both feeling better! Here’s hoping that cooling trend comes along, as predicted. You are so right about politicians! The rich always get richer, no matter who’s in charge. 😛 Over here, Boris is known as “Trump light” and most of us are happy to see the end of him – assuming that’s he’s actually going! 😉

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    1. He may seem like ‘Trump light’, but don’t let his stylised buffoonery fool you. He is a very nasty, greedy, and dangerous man underneath all that implied silliness.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. Glad you and Ollie are doing better. The heat left me quite unwell, and all I could do was rest with homemade ice packs at my pulse points on my neck. I’m still fatigued but definitely better with the cooler temps. Hope you get back up to your usual energy soon, Pete. Have a lovely week 💕🙂

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  9. Glad you are on the mend. Heat affects me badly too. July and August are my worst months. What do we do with our ousted leaders, to ensure they stay ousted? After all I have seen from the Jan 6th hearing, conducted largely by Republicans, it is hard to believe anyone can still think T should return. I shall never again cast a single vote for a Republican. Apart from the very few like Liz Cheney who are very brave patriots, the party consists of cowardly wimps. The Maga gang remind me of the Jim Jones followers who drank the kool aid. Same mentality. I keep reading that we “allowed” this to happen but I don’t accept it. I voted as always. I signed petitions…periodically I “rant”. What else is the average person supposed to do ?

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    1. I struggle to believe that elections are not rigged in some way, in most countries. However, the fact that Biden beat Trump gave me some encouragement that your last election was ‘fair’. There is only so much any of us can do, in a world completely controlled by media moguls and massive corporations. As with global warming, I fear we may have left our protests too late.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. Glad you are feeling better…Ollie as well….hope your new one is not a huge douche like we get….it is 0830 and it is already 88…gonna be another hot one for us as well….but that is usual… well my friend chuq

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    1. Thanks, chuq. There are rumours that Boris is planning to ‘do a Trump’. He has retained his seat in Parliament, and there is a huge petition circulating asking him to come back as Prime Minister. There is speculation that he might try to get re-elected as Conservative leader next time.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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