Spam Would Be Useful If…

Reading through the Spam and Trash folders today to check for genuine comments, something occurred to me.

Spam links could actually be very useful, but only…

*If I lived in America and needed to get my Sprinter repaired.

*If I lived in Orange County (which is in California, apparently) and needed spares for my RV.

*If I owned an RV and needed it to be serviced.

*If I had a forklift truck in need of repair.

*If I wanted to learn how to operate a forklift truck.

*If I wanted to contact willing girls in the Far East.

*If I wanted to stream live pornography for a bargain price.

*If I wanted someone to completely upgrade my website and attract more site traffic.

*If I needed some form of tablet that would act as a sexual stimulant.

*If I wanted to get my website onto the top three of every Google Search.

*If I needed a replacement windscreen for my delivery truck.

*If I lived in Auckland (New Zealand) and wanted to buy a bargain price SUV.

*If I wanted to invest in a new ‘Condo’ in Florida.

Unfortunately, none of those apply to me.

66 thoughts on “Spam Would Be Useful If…

    1. Haha. I found your comment in the Trash folder, because you had used the word Porn. πŸ™‚ I had 188 Spam and Trash comments to look through this morning, including one containing two whole screen pages of Porn links!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Pete, the spam is so annoying – yet also entertaining in a “they really dont think I will click on this do they?” sort of way – oh, and Orange County is just south of Los Angeles…but those 30 miles are a world away!

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  2. Crazy, huh. I’d click through to get my $50 gift card but it looks like a credit card I don’t have is about to canc if I don’t act now, so…
    I have often thought that email and website spam is an entry level course in hacking. The first thing any of them need to master is spell check. Have you noticed how your spam and side bar advertising changes when you do online research for your fiction?

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    1. Someone gets paid to blanket the internet with this cheap advertising. They must get a reasonable hit rate, to make it worthwhile. After all, it has been going on for years now.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Spam is interesting but it is dangerous because some of it contains computer virus and malware just waiting to destroy your electronics if you make the mistake of opening it up for a closer look.

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  4. The joys of money-based capitalism: everybody’s scrabbling to make enough [or more, as enough never seems to be enough] money to live a good life, so unsolicited offers in comments are the new junk mail. One of the many tiresome aspects of modern life. Cheers, Jon.

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