London Nostalgia In Photos: Street Markets

Pets were often sold on the streets. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen now.

Club Row Market. East London, late 1950s.

Petticoat Lane Market. East London, early 1960s.

It was also possible to buy more exotic animals, like this little monkey, or large parrot.
Petticoat Lane Market, early 1960s.

Lambeth Walk General Market. South London, early 1960s.

Pearly Kings and Queens dancing ‘The Lambeth Walk’ in Lambeth Walk Market. Late 1950s.

Lewisham Market, South London. 1967.

East Street Market, South London. Late 1960s.

New Caledonian Antiques Market. South London, late 1960s.

Chapel Street Market, North London. Having corns removed in the street, 1959.

Brick Lane Market, East London. This photo is from 1983, and shows how little had changed.

49 thoughts on “London Nostalgia In Photos: Street Markets

  1. I love street markets, although perhaps removing your corns at an open street market is a bit over the top (mind you, who knows what people might find interesting these days. A Tik-Tok video anyone?) I agree on the animal front, although it still feels strange wandering down las Ramblas and not seeing any pets there… Thanks for sharing those gems, Pete.

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    1. Have they stopped selling caged birds on Las Ramblas? Their tweeting in locked kiosks at night used to upset me. Most of the markets featured here are still trading, Olga.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I remember the stalls selling puppies – my parents wouldn’t let me have one. My grandfather had a stall in Brick Lane market for years. I remember Lewisham market when I lived in Kidbrooke, but the two markets that stick in my mind are the East End ones in Roman Road and Chrisp Street.

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      1. When I stayed with Nan in Old Ford, we would start at one end of the market on a Saturday, walk along the stalls on the left hand side, then turn around and walk up the other side. Being small, the market seemed to go on forever.

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  3. Very interesting look at a slice of life from the past which I hadn’t thought about before. Selling animals, especially more exotic ones, in the streets! I guess it is logical for that time and place but seeing photos of it certainly confirms it was in fact the way of the world back then. Great pictures, Pete.

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  4. I rave on Pete about how I love London and your nostalgia makes the Thames rise a tad each time!
    But the Lambeth Walk tune oh have you any idea how many beautiful songs & marches come from London. Maybe I should do a list for you Pete . . . .

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  5. (1) Overheard at the Club Row Market:
    Chester Petit: “Man, I’d sure like to get my hands on those puppies!”
    Baps Bigelow: “Forget it. That’s Titus Bristol’s wife.”
    (2) “I hope Petticoat Lane will take me to Petticoat Junction. I want to stay at the Shady Rest Hotel because I hear that Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo like to play Twister with the guests.”
    (3) “Ready for some monkey business? Take off your petticoat!”
    (4) That dog is eager to dance the Lambeth Walk.
    (5) The Pearly Kings and Queens may get the dance, but the Pearly Birds get the squirm.
    (6) Dean Martin once phoned his nutty film partner: “Hey, Jerry? Lewis Ham Market. Lunch at twelve. See ya there!”
    (7) I know a guy that made a lot of dough selling loafers at the Yeast Street Market.
    (8) New Caledonian Antiques? If you ask me, that’s an oxymoron!
    (9) It’s been reported that Mr. Cobb’s wife from New Delhi went to the Chapel Street Market to have an Indian corn removed.
    (10) Just looking at those glass windows on Brick Lane makes me nervous.

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  6. Wonderful photos of a different time though not so very long ago. I never could understand who Harrod’s managed to sell a lion cub, maybe in the 60’s? It was called Christian. The story is on YouTube.

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    1. Harrods had an exotic pets department for many years, before it became socially unacceptable to sell such things in department stores. Most of the markets featured are still operating.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. My uncle bought a woolly monkey in a street market. When it got bigger, he couldn’t control it, and kept it in a huge cage in the cellar of his house. Eventually, he surrendered it to London Zoo.
      I think it was a very good thing when they banned such animal-selling, but the puppy farms are not much better.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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