Not Ukraine

When there are photos or videos of civilians and children being bombed and killed in Ukraine, the world is horrified.

‘Horrific’. ‘Inhuman’. ‘Criminal’. ‘War crime’. ‘Unjustified’. Just some of the headlines.

But when Israel attacks Gaza today, bombing civilian targets, killing civilians including children, and terrorising others in their homes, the media is completely silent.

Not a word. Not a single news report so far.

So do Palestinian children not matter? Are they not white enough? Is it because Russia is not bombing them?

Look at the photos, and decide for yourself.

Israel is no better than Russia, but you won’t hear that on the BBC.

50 thoughts on “Not Ukraine

  1. This is why so many people are turning away from main stream media – the days of impartial reporting [if they ever were] are long gone, and now vested interests dictate what is and isn’t reported. 😦

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  2. There are many casualties around the world woman and children dying or starving needlessly and many are not reported only by the aid agencies…You are correct in what you say Pete and it shouldn’t be about skin or who is doing the bombing or genocide but it should be about the children as they all matter…

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  3. Wars are not for the better of people, they are only for filling up bank accounts of some people far away from these wars. Think back to the medivial age. There blood related people had fought against just for fun, and to keep people busy. Have a good weekend, Pete! Best wishes, Michael

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  4. We recently on here had an explanation of the Ukraine invasion which helped.
    I’d be interested to know the origins of this conflict to better understand this sadness.

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  5. The media are manipulating us and the media are being manipulated by government. You have to try and draw your own conclusions. I find it increases people’s anxiety and feeds a lack of belief in most things we are told.

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      1. I’ve read and watched several reports from US media. They’re reporting the civilian casualties pretty much as collateral damage for a justifiable and “precise” attack by Isreal against terrorist threats. No outrage.

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