Guaranteed To Spoil Your Mood

So I wake up after a decent sleep. It’s a sunny day, and not too hot. I am in a pretty good mood, all things considered.

An hour or so later, the post arrives.

A letter from Specsavers telling me that the DVLA have rejected my visual fields eye test. This despite passing it to the required standard, as confirmed by the opthalmologist on the day. And that was on the 17th of June, so they have taken their good time about it.

Now I have to make another appointment, take another trip to Fakenham, and sit the test all over again.

After a fit of rage involving many four-letter words, I telephone the optician in Fakenham. They are too busy to take my call, so I have to leave a message.

Regular readers will know that I first applied to renew my driving licence in February, seven months to the day I have received this letter. Since then, I have had to involve my member of parliament, the police in Norfolk, and have complied with every single thing the DVLA have asked me to do to get my renewed licence, including the June trip to take three separate eye tests they demanded.

And now this.

If I was paranoid, I would believe they are determined not to issue my licence at all, and are just repeating the test hoping to fail me and ensure that I can never drive again.

In that case, I must be paranoid.

Talk about ruin your day…

87 thoughts on “Guaranteed To Spoil Your Mood

  1. Pete, my condolences on the fact you have to fight through this impersonal bureaucracy. While I have no experience with your situation, I can identify with seemingly fighting an uphill battle against what seems like long odds. Persistence may yet win the day, sir. My hope is in the end, this will all work out for you.

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  2. this shocks me-I knew the thing had been a long and awful ordeal, but thought, surely it would work out. I know it will but what a long time it is taking. I so hope the worst is over and things will will move along with better speed. x a fan Michele

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  3. I feel your frustration Pete and understand how this must be effecting you. At least (I think) you can continue to drive until they say they will not renew giving no option to retest, so on a positive let them take as long as they want (except for the buggerance ) enjoy the Norfolk countryside as you drive through the lanes.

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  4. Pete, this is almost certainly not a personal issue. It is about inefficiency which does not make it any more palatable however, the only recourse you have is to take a deep breath and pursue the only option open to you and do whatever it takes to get your license. You have a legit license at the moment, take account of your positives and don’t allow frustration to rule the day. It is hard, of course but it’s the road you have to take. Have a read of Kafka’s The Trial . . . you will either slit your wrists or say, fuck this I’m gonna prevail . . Love and all the best, Ro xx

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  5. I can see why you might become paranoid! Absolutely unbelievable what they have put you through! Better go out for a long, long walk with Ollie! Hopefully, it will all work out in the end, and you can celebrate having a license again!

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    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I actually think they employ spiteful people who think it is funny to mess everyone around.
      (No idea why your comment had to be approved.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Pete, I do not even know what to say except that I can imagine the anger and frustration you must feel toward such incompetence. You would think if they really felt you shouldn’t be driving they would be more concerned about how much time has passed that you are still on the roads. It seems so ludicrous.

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