Spam and Trash Craziness

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been receiving 7-9 pages of Spam comments daily, and at least 5 pages of Trash, or more. I have done my best to sift through all the nonsense in the hope of finding genuine comments, and managed to retrieve at least 10 this week.

But I no longer have the time or the inclination to do this, so I am apologising in advance for any of your comments that do not appear.

From today, I will be applying ‘Bulk Delete’ on all of it.

51 thoughts on “Spam and Trash Craziness

  1. Time wasters. Way back when someone thought it would be a good idea if we all went to a time management seminar. As above, we were told deleting a communication over 60 days old had a .3 % chance of biting you in the ass. Or, to quote an author, “If you want to fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison
    Good luck!

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  2. Don’t worry, Pete. Most bloggers know of the issue and the warning will help as well. I also have Akismet turned on and close the comments on old posts. If you have the comments closed, people will comment elsewhere, or you could include a contact form for those who would like to contact about something specific, perhaps. But you’re right. Life is too short.

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    1. Yes, I do. It goes to the Spam and Trash folders, not onto my blog. However, so do many genuine comments that I try to recover from those folders, Annabelle. But sadly I can no longer justify the time to do that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I used to get hundreds of spam comments daily. Then I went to my “Discussion” settings and set comments to close after 60 days from the date posted. Now I get maybe 5 to as much as 20 spam comments a day, which is much easier to manage than 200-300 a day.

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      1. It’s a choice. Do you want to deal with hundreds of spam comments daily for the very small percentage of comments you get on posts over 60 or even 90 days old? Or do you want to cut down your spam comments to a relatively small, manageable number and sacrifice the few comments you might get on older posts? I chose the latter and I don’t regret that choice at all.

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      1. Turning off comments on older posts has worked for me also. (People who are dedicated about commenting often find a newer post/author’s page to leave a message ( and reference older posts sometimes)
        Spam seems to come in waves


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