1950s Britain: The Post War Boom

After the hardships and suffering of WW2, Britain began the 1950s with a spirit of hope and rebuilding.

New tower block flats in South London, 1959. You can see the ‘Prefabs’ in the foreground that were used as emergency housing after the bomb damage. Some stlll exist today.

Models show off the latest skirt fashions in a department store, 1956.

A girl proudly shows off the family motorcycle, 1953. You can see the Coronation bunting on the shed, which tells you the year.

Harlow New Town in Essex, 1958. The modern flats had indoor bathrooms and even central heating!

A middle-class mother and daughter in Manchester, 1954. The girl seems to love her new tricycle.

A husband and wife stand next to their new car, 1953. Car ownership was rare for the working classes before then.

Stevenage New Town in Hertfordshire, 1958. The concept of a modern estate with shops and all amenities nearby was first tried out in the many ‘New Towns’ created after WW2.

A family that has just moved into their modern council house, 1958. It must have seemed like a dream home to them.

This smiling lady pushes her baby past a row of recently constructed council houses, early 1950s.

After this, came the ‘Swinging Sixties’. Sadly, all that hope and optimism was not to last.

46 thoughts on “1950s Britain: The Post War Boom

  1. (1) We can’t get a 3D photo of those flats?
    (2) The outfit worn by the lady at left is the better one. I”m sure you agree since you always lean left.
    (3) June 2, 1953. Hurry up, girl! The Coronation is about to begin!
    (4) Jean Harlow moved from Kansas City to a new town in 1923. The new town was…Hollywood. #SexAppeal
    (5) An old political sticker on the back of the girl’s tricycle reads: I LIKE TRIKE.
    (6) In the U.S. cars are like cats. They own their humans.
    (7) Amenities? Amen!
    (8) Dorothy’s home sweet home was in Kansas, but she dreamed of the Emerald City.
    (9) There’s no baby in the pram. Just cans of food. Still, the lady needs to watch out for anything driven by Gene Hackman or Sandra Bullock.

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    1. Yes, in 1948-1950, they introduced Comprehensive Senior Schools, with ‘streaming’ of pupils. I went to one in 1963, and had a marvellous education.
      It was a wonderful decade that sadly did not last into the 1970s, because the Conservatives regained power.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I can remember some of our neighbours being excited to move into a 20th-floor council tower block flat. Later on they had issues when the lifts broke, they never got to know any of their neighbours, car parking became a real problem, and a sense of isolation pervaded the whole estate where they lived. The only positive they could draw from it was that they had central heating, and a marvellous view.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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