Modern London in Black And White: Alan Shaller

All photos © Alan Schaller

After many nostalgic photo posts about London, I was pleased to find these modern images by Alan Shaller. All taken with a Leica camera, they give a snapshot of london today that will be interesting to see again in 70 years.

A young woman on an underground train. The lighting makes her stand out from the other passengers.

A smart elderly gentleman on an underground train. The reflection is captured nicely.

A ‘Pigeon Lady’ feeding pigeons in a small park. London is full of ladies like her.

A mature couple dancing. The lady doesn’t look very happy. Or does she?

A man staring out of the window in a pub.

This lady enjoyed being photographed, and spoke to Alan after he took it.

A man shopping in a street market.

Someone on a smoke break from his job.

A sharp-suited slim man in the latest style.

Runners lining up for a fun run or marathon. It is usual for many of them to wear crazy outfits.

27 thoughts on “Modern London in Black And White: Alan Shaller

  1. (1) “I’ll take your photo if you give me a really big hug!” (Alan Schaller)
    (2) I don’t think the smart elderly gentleman will be around to reflect upon this photo in 70 years.
    (3) Why pigeon hole the old lady in the park as merely a feeder of birds? She is actually a seasoned mathematician who is using all those pigeons to help her solve the Collatz conjecture (
    (4) “Hmm! That sexy guy over there with the shaggy hair is blowing me kisses!”
    (5) “Prime restaurant opportunity, eh? I wonder if I should seize it?”
    (6) “Just so you know, Alan. I’m not Mother Teresa.”
    (7) “I should have written everything down. There was something else Blanche wanted me to get…”
    (8) “I need to break the smoking habit.”
    (9) Slender Man. Slim Man. Thin Man…Two are movie titles. One is not.
    (10) “I just had a flash. What if Barry Allen decides to compete?”

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