There are times when you can enjoy a dog sitting on your lap.

And there are other times when…

We drove down to Attleborough to see one of my stepdaughters this afternoon. It was her husband’s birthday, and we wanted to drop off his card and present.

As you can see, they have a dog.

Loki is a 2 year-old Cane Corso, an Italian Mastiff.

He hadn’t seen me for a while, and wanted to show his affection by sitting on my lap. Literally. As he weighs over 11 stones, (155 pounds) I knew he was there.

Despite his Shetland pony size, and the fact that his head is much bigger than mine, he is a gentle giant. He loves strokes and cuddles, and likes to sit as close to you as possible, preferably on you.

Whe we got home later Ollie was intrigued, and gave me a very detailed sniff for a considerably long time.

76 thoughts on “Lap-Dog

  1. That’s funny. At first I thought OMG Ollie is much bigger than I realised. Then I thought, “oh, it’s a clever camera angle!” I’m a bit thick. He looks lovely. I want one to control the cats.

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