A Long Day

Getting ready to go on holiday can be quite tiring. (At my age, anyway)

We were up early. Choosing clothes to take, making lists so we don’t forget things like chargers for phones, and Ollie’s requirements for a week away.

Ironing can be hot work on a 25C day, and we both did a lot of that.

Ollie had to be walked, and some bags were packed ready for Monday. One thing about taking the car on a holiday in England, you take too much stuff. Lots of weather considerations apply.

Will it rain? Do I need a coat for the evenings? I should take some shoes for wet weather, just in case. Before you know it, you have enough for three weeks, let alone one.

The whittling-down begins.

Three pairs of shoes should be enough, though I should chuck the wellies and umbrella in the car, in case of inclement weather. At least one ‘smart’ set of clothes is necessary, as we will be eating out for our wedding anniversary on the tenth. And how many toys should we take for Ollie? Two should be enough, but three will nail it.

Adding a couple of fleeces for sitting on the verandah after dark, and making sure I have enough boxer shorts for seven days, plus extras. And very soon, it is all coming together.

Bt 1pm, it feels more like 7pm, and we are both yawning. Then Ollie gets his chicken dinner, and he starts yawning too. Julie has a hair appointment for 5pm, to get a much needed holiday trim. I have already dealt with what hair I have left by clippering it off yesterday.

Oh, the toiletries? They have to wait until Monday morning, as we have to use them all before we leave on Monday.

It is now 6:30pm, and feels like midnight. Time to get dinner ready.

56 thoughts on “A Long Day

  1. This made me smile – ironing? Really? I usually pack the evening before we go away and nowadays use a small weekend case which can also accommodate my laptop if I so wish. And I still never wear everything I take. Hope the weather is fine for you and you have a lovely restful week away.

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    1. I iron my shirts and leave them on hangers which I hang up in the car on the grab-handles, they dont get packed in a case. The forecast is not looking good for where we are going, but we will make the best of whatever we get.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. (1) Wood you continue whittling down if you knew you wood sleep like a log tonight?
    (2) “Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!”
    (3) Boxers who work in the ring claim you can just wring out the same boxer shorts. (After you rinse them , of course.)
    (4) Toilet trees are used to make outhouses. But first, you have do some whittling down.

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    1. Ollie’s current favourite stuffed toys are a Penguin, a Walrus, and a Snail. He has upwards of 40 toys, and we rotate them in his toy box. But we only take 3 away to the cabin because it is small. He loves to go in the car, and has a big dog-bed in the rear section. He can look out of the tailgate window as we drive along, or just sleep.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. The lovely little doggie tyke needs all the tender loving care and wonderful toys that he can get. If he were mine, I would spoil him severely, showering him with every wonderful thing for doggies that I could find. Ollie is so fortunate to have you.

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