Off The Grid

There are no Sunday Musings this morning. We are busy getting things ready for our holiday on Monday.

After today, I will not be online until the 12th, at the earliest.

I will be on holiday for a week, away from any computers or Tablet. This means I will not be commenting on any of your posts, or answering comments on mine.

When I get back, I will as usual start fresh from that date, so my apologies to everyone for all the posts I am going to miss out on.

I hope you all have a great week. See you soon!

Best wishes, Pete.

68 thoughts on “Off The Grid

  1. Pete… I’m taking advantage of this post to go off your theme here and continue in regards to the demise of your Queen. I realize you personally may not have been overly affectionate toward the Monarchy in general, nonetheless, to you and your British readers, I am just one American to express my sincere condolences at the loss of Queen Elizabeth II… her being a historical persona on the world stage, not to mention being an admiration to a large segment of English life and to the Commonwealth that carried forward all that is England.
    Given us over here in the Colonies have such an affinity for keeping tabs on English life, and the Royals in specifically, the loss is felt here as well given her longevity in wearing the Crown encompassing our entire lives. To me… besides having my own 60% genetics originating from the British Isles, there was all that, but also a bit of missing my own mother, as she so strongly resembled the Queen in appearance in her earlier days. It’s about the Queen’s passing as a person, and of the era in which we all lived. To echo, the Queen is dead, God save the King!

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