Back To Reality Musings

We returned from our holiday on Monday afternoon, and had things to do yesterday. So I have not been online from the 4th, until this morning.

We were lucky with the weather, despite some overnight rain and an occasional heavy shower during the day, we managed to avoid getting wet and stayed in pleasant sunshine. Like most people do on holiday, I had too much to eat, and a lot more wine than I would have at home. Ollie had a wonderful time meeting new dogs, (including two Sharpeis) but he came home exhausted by the extra exercise of long walks along the seafront. He has been sleeping all the time since Monday, save for his walks across Beetley Meadows.


It felt strange for me to not be blogging of course, but I am back today, starting from scratch. This means that I have replied to comments on my posts while I was away, but have not managed to tackle the hundreds of posts of bloggers I follow. By the weekend, I should be back to my normal routine.


Thanks to everyone who read my older posts while I was gone. It was encouraging to discover I had regular views every day, even when not posting anything.


Quite a lot happened while we were on holiday, including the death of the Queen, and Ukraine retaking ground in the ongoing war against Russia. But I watched little or no TV, as I had a porch to sit on, and watched the world go by outside instead. I make no comment about the death of Elizabeth II, and the media circus that has accompanied her passing. Everyone who reads this blog will know I am not a royalist, and have no interest in anything to do with the British royal family.


After an enjoyable time breathing sea air, and travelling around a different part of England, I am actually looking forward to re-establishing my routine with Ollie. Julie has today off work, so it will be spent quietly, with a necessary supermarket shop and some catching up on domestic things.


I hope you have all had an enjoyable week while we have been away, and I will catch up with all of your blogs soon.


57 thoughts on “Back To Reality Musings

  1. Hi Pete, I’m so glad you had a nice vacation with decent weather. I couldn’t help but think of you when the Queen died, knowing you were happy all the media was happening while you were away. Welcome back.

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  2. (1) While on holiday, the British chessboard witnessed a move that involved a queen, a king, and a lot of pawns.
    (2) Ollie met two Sharpeis. All I met was two Sharpies, but they left an indelible mark in my memory!
    (3) If Ollie ever starts from scratch, it will be time to change the flea collar.
    (4) I might be guilty of irregular views. But whether I am depends on your point of view.
    (5) Coincidentally, those folks aboard the International Space Station also just happened to watch the world go by!
    (6) Isn’t “sea air” an oxymoron?
    (7) Hiked the Fletcher Trail on Sunday (Sept. 11). But, more ambitiously, I went to the mailbox, too!

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  3. So glad to have you back….also pleased that your time away from the keyboard was enjoyable and Ollie had a great time as well…..and the Queen is still dead…..sorry could not resist…..chuq

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  4. Good to have you back, Pete, and I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday. I’m grateful that I had plenty of TV output recorded on the Sky box, as the schedules have largely been a wasteland for me, over the last few days: thank heavens for Dave! Our play performance was cancelled at short notice last Thursday evening, which left a lot of people [including nearly all of the cast] very disgruntled: there was no need for it, just our local council being over-cautious. Back to it this evening, and last one tomorrow: on with the motley! Cheers, Jon.

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