It’s That Time Again: Guest Posts

Back from holiday, and nothing in drafts, so I am once again offering guest posts to anyone who follows this blog. It doesn’t matter if you follow me on WordPress, by email, or on Twitter, I am happy to consider a guest post from you. And if you have had one here before, that doesn’t matter either.


Under 2,000 words.
On any subject.
Images to be reduced in size to save space on my blog.
Nothing too ‘controversial’.
Nothing religious.
Nothing about the British Royal Family.

Please DO NOT send the guest post as an MS WORD document. I do not have MS WORD, so that is a pain.
(I say this every time, but people STILL do it!

Send your guest post as an EMAIL to,
Attach any images you want to feature.
I will not alter or correct your guest post in any way, so check it before you send it. (Please)
If I decide to publish it on my blog, I will inform you by email.

Please reply to any comments on your guest post, even if I have already left a reply.

Over to you!

19 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again: Guest Posts

  1. That’s generous of you to open your blog, Pete. I’ll keep the offer in mind for later as I’m guesting everywhere now and bloggers are going to be sick of me. 😀 And I won’t include anything about the Royal Family (though telling me not to makes it hard to resist – lol). 😀

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    1. I usually make the offer twice a year, Diana. But it is always open, with no time limit. (I was just trying to avoid any more Queen/King tributes, as I have seen and heard enough this past week to last for the rest of my life. And the funeral is still 5 days away! 🙂 )
      By the way, I really appreciate you following my blog.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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