Holiday Snaps (4)

One afternoon, I decided we should drive inland. I wanted to see the ruins of Bolingbroke Castle, then move on to Gunby Hall. That is a grand house where dogs are welcome in the gardens. Unfortunately, the heavens opened once we got up into the Wolds. We had rarely seen rain like it, and it was of Monsoon standard. Even with 2-speed wipers, I could hardly see to drive. Cars were stopping on the main road, which was awash with water in seconds, and by the time we got to the ruined castle, it was still torrential.

So I abandoned the plans, and decided to venture back to the coast at Skegness. That is a rather ‘tacky’ holiday town. It is very large, and not our sort of thing, to be honest. However, there was a dog-friendly attraction, the seal sanctuary at Natureland.

Once there, the weather was better, parking was free on the street, and we could take Ollie inside on his lead. To be honest, it was barely worth the entry fee, but as it receives no government or charitable funding, we were happy to support it.

(All photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them.)

Rescued Harbour Seals in the water, and sunbathing.

They had some Meerkats too.

And some camera shy Penguins.

A not very shy Goat, hoping for some treats.

After our visit, we stopped for a very good coffee along the front, before driving back 14 miles to our cabin.

40 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps (4)

  1. HI Pete, A pity about your trip to the castle. There is a small island full of seals in Cape Town. I have never visited it though because the smell is very bad. There are seals in the harbour and the smell is more tolerable so I limited my seal viewing to that.

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    1. He could see two larger seals under the water, through the glass sides of the enclosure. But he did not appear to be interested in any of the animals we saw, and was more concerned about keeping close to me at all times. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. (1) Las Vegas received an inch and a half of rain (give or take a few raindrops) during the 2022 monsoon season here (defined as the annual period June 15 – September 10). It was the wettest monsoon season in ten years! (To play it safe, I always wore flippers and a flotation belt when heading into town.)
    (2) I’m happy to hear that Skegness offers safe harbour for seals, thereby earning Natureland my personal seal of approval.
    (3) Roscosmos categorically denies that it abandoned the Mir cats, citing a report that mice overran the station before it was deorbited. Also, despite rumors to the contrary, it did not rain cats and dogs in March 2001 in the South Pacific. It only rained dogs. (Due to their small size, the mice disintegrated upon reentry into the atmosphere.)
    (4) The shyest penguin is Guinevere. She understands that her mating habits are seen by the public as dishonorable.
    (5) Natureland continues to deny the existence of Skegnessie, the plesiosaur. Nevertheless, there have been verified sightings of the elusive creature. (It’s diet is said to consist of Capra hircus, which explains the turnover in goats.)

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    1. They were taken in from other zoos around the country, so we were told. All the animals seemed to be well looked after, it was just a shame the place was so small.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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