Comments Changes On WordPress

Since posting recently about not being able to leave comments on blogs I follow, I have managed to cure that problem by using the Reader to comment on posts where that was happening.

However, there seems to be something else happening with WP, double comments.

When someone comments on my blog posts, I get an email notification. That’s as it has always been. But now when they reply to my reply, I get two emails containing that reply. One is notified as a reply to my comment, the second one notified as a ‘new comment’ on my blog post.

To add to that, I am also getting notifications about my own comments, as if it is not my blog. “Beetleypete has left a comment”.

This has trebled the amount of emails I receive in the space of two weeks, as sometimes there will be six email notifications about one comment and a reply.

Has anyone else noticed this development, or is it just affecting me?

77 thoughts on “Comments Changes On WordPress

  1. Same thing here. Another recent development is that when I clicked on the email notification, it would take me directly to my comment if the blogger had responded. Now, I usually have to wade through all of the comments to find mine. In some cases, there might be close to 200 comments. It definitely slows me down.

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  2. It’s always something, but I haven’t experienced that issue yet. I do receive emails for new comments, but not for my replies. And like others mentioned above, I have restricted email for the blogs I follow, and receive them for only a few I don’t want to miss. For most blogs, I use the Reader to follow and have turned off email notifications. Just too many for me to sort through every day.

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      1. I may have spoken too soon! I am seeing a change today in emails related to comments. I seem to be getting notices when someone likes my comment, and that is definitely new! I don’t see any discussion setting that deals with that, so I may have to turn off email notifications for comments altogether.

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  3. I have not noticed that kind of WP action on my blog yet, but there was a time when my readers were having problems leaving comments on my own blog .. Just another of the fine features that you can pay as much as $180 per year to enjoy …But what is one to do … I find that I have to do my reblogging of other people’s articles by using the “Share” function found on my reader. I used to be able to reblog articles from the reblog button found at the end of articles … nut can’t do that anymore.

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  4. I also have been receiving double notifications when someone comments on my blog. I thought it was just me and intended to post asking whether anyone else was experiencing the same issue. However, your post has saved me doing so! I am reluctant to turn off email notifications of comments as its really easy to miss that someone has commented, and email notifications let me know that they have. I also have found that some blogs I follow consign my comments to spam! I’m sure it isn’t the bloggers doing this, rather its a glitch with WordPress.

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  5. I have been receiving notifications about my comments on other blogs even when I never click to get an e-mail when somebody replies to my comments, and although I have checked my notifications settings, I don’t seem to have changed anything. Mind you, having two separate WordPress accounts makes it all doubly confusing. They are always up to something, and it is rarely a true improvement, but… Thanks, Pete, and let’s hope this gets fixed. We all have better things to do with our time.

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  6. Yes, I’ve noticed that. I’ve turned off email notifications for most of my followed blogs. My inbox was getting silly. I scan down the Reader each morning instead. I now only get emails for those I REALLY don’t want to miss and, of course, my own. Perhaps I can turn those off too? (I haven’t looked into it yet.)

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  7. I’m not getting notifications that I’m commenting on my own blog, Pete, but I am getting separate notifications if somebody likes a comment I’ve left on their blog, and if they reply to my comment: perhaps that’s how it’s always been? I’m still relatively inexperienced with WP, but it does like to keep ‘updating’ the platform, which inevitably is applied over a relatively long time period, so consistency seems unlikely—not helpful! Cheers, Jon.

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