The Missing Bloggers

I got to thinking about the bloggers who have gone ‘missing’, with little or no explanation.

I miss their posts, their comments, and their occasional emails too.

Some of you will remember them.



Abbi Osbiston.


That is just a selection of four of them, but there have been many others. I believe some of you followed those featured.

I am worried about them. In some cases, I have emailed them a few times, and received no reply. Others have left their blog open with the last post published showing the date of their departure, reminding me of the tale of the Marie Celeste.

It is not my place to pester them, but blogging is all about community, and caring about our blogging friends.

So if any of you see those links or pingbacks, please let me know you are okay.

69 thoughts on “The Missing Bloggers

  1. I recently quit blogging for a while. I still don’t know when I will return, because I’m having a lot of trouble with my theme, and getting my blog to look nice. I could do the writing and posting and just leave the way my blog looks, but it really bugs me. I’ve tried many things and almost all of the just make my blog look worse. Maybe that’s why these people left? Maybe they just gave up being frustrated by way wordpress works.

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  2. The only blog I know of why there are no posts any longer is “Annemarie-escape”. That was one by two German sailors I followed. These two wonderful people sadly died at sea more than a year ago, in a hurricane off Nova Scotia.

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  3. The only one of those bloggers I’m familiar with is Kim. She used to post several times a day. I’m trying to recall, but I seem to remember her posting about being gone for a time. That was a long time ago.

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  4. Just letting you all know that I lost correspondence with a person whom we shared information for each of our books. I searched the internet, my old emails etc and could not find them.. Then they saw me on a post on Pete’s site and now we’re back in touch. So it works the other way too. But I do know what Pete is saying and I am so glad there are people out there who still care. As you get older, memories are you all you have left.

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        1. We are a close community, Molly.
          (Sorry about the name mix up. I have corrected the typo in my previous reply. (I had just replied to one of Carolyn’s comments at the time.)
          Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Several years ago I worked on a collaboration with a talented artist and flash fiction writer living in Ireland. There were three of us involved and one day *POOF* the Irish lady was gone. Strange things. I’m more apt to be bounced or quit following someone than have them disappear. Had it involved only me I’d have taken it personally. What Beth said. Who knows?

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  6. I’ve lost a few too, some I have managed to leave a comment and they have responded or emailed me, but others just stopped without any indication that they were. The OH has admin rights to my blogs so if anything happens to me he will be able to let followers know.

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  7. Yes Pete, there have been a number who have either stopped completely or dramatically cut back…as I look at the “blogs I follow” list it shows their most recent posts, and more than half are 3 months old or more…Cindy Bruchman is another one, although she let us all know she was re-locating and it would impact her blog…still, when you have an ongoing communication with them, they are truly missed…

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  8. There’s a few bloggers who I follow, and unfortunately, stopped. I’m positive they are okay, but blogging can take an emotional toll. Especially when you’re pouring your heart and soul into it, and it feels like you’re getting very little in return.

    That’s why we need to stay in contact and help support each other. I truly hope they will let you know they are okay.

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  9. I understand your concern, I’ve wondered if some are okay. some just stop, some let us know, some have passed or are ill, each with their own reason. we do connect here and that’s why we care

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    1. I do know of quite a few who sadly died, and some others who said they were giving up blogging completely. But when they say they are ‘taking a break’ and then never return, that makes me worried.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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