An Early End To The Shorts Season

Regular readers will no doubt remember that I wear shorts for most of the year. Shorts-wearing season traditionally begins for me in mid-March, and ends on the first of October, much later if the weather stays fair. I have been known to still be wearing shorts in November.

(Not the same pair of course, before anyone asks. 🙂 )

This year was no exception, as my shorts were on by the 12th of March, and they remained my choice of attire right through the unusually hot summer, including our recent week away in early September.

But this week, the winds changed. They were coming directly from the north, from the Arctic. Overnight, the temperatures fell from 18C (64.5) to just 6C. (43)

It was a shock to feel so cold at this stage in autumn, when the usual temperature should have been at least 16C. (61) The cold gusty winds and occasional heavy showers didn’t help, so by Tuesday I was really feeling cold on the dog walk.

Yesterday, I woke up to a very ‘fresh’ morning, and a check on the predicted weather showed it was unlikley to exceed 8C (46) until the late afternoon.

There was nothing for it, I had to admit defeat. The shorts went back into their drawer in the wardrobe. Out came the warm jogging trousers, and they went on with some thick walking socks.

(No jogging was intended, that is just what they are called here.)

My season had to end three days early. But after such a hot summer, I can’t really complain.

45 thoughts on “An Early End To The Shorts Season

  1. We tend to go from air-conditioning to heaters within days. Sometimes warm weather returns. I recall one Christmas Day, years ago on Long Island when it was 75F. The hurricane season has got off to a dramatic start with NE Canada, Puerto Rico and now Florida all badly damaged. It’s the luck of the draw where those storms hit, just miles making the difference between wet and devastated. Typhoons in Asia also…but no, there is no climate change.

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    1. I saw the reports on the BBC. The hurricane after-effects are travelling all the way up the east coast of America, and will even affect NYC. I hope you are spared any problems, Carolyn.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. You’re a hardier man than I, Pete; I always joke. up here in gritty Yorkshire, that I’m “a soft southerner”, but the truth is that I don’t like being cold, so I don’t need much temperature discouragement to ditch the shorts! 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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