An Early Booster

I already had my Covid-19 booster booked for the 30th of November. But today I received a call from the vaccination clinic to say that many of those booked for this afternoon had not shown up. If I could get there, they would cancel my November appointment, and vaccinate me today.

Naturally, I said yes, and after a 15-minute wait in a small queue, I received my annual booster.

This time the drug used was Moderna. This means I have now had all three vaccination drugs approved by the UK government.

My first two were both Astra-Zeneca.
The next booster was Pfizer.
Now this one is Moderna.

I was warned that my arm might be painful tomorrow, and I had to stay for 15 minutes before I was allowed to drive home.

But that is me done. Fully vaccinated for now, with a small card to prove it too.

62 thoughts on “An Early Booster

    1. At the moment here it is over 50, and younger for any Health or Care workers, and ‘vulnerable people’ who are all included in the booster programme.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. You could have had my place as a ‘no show’. I duly arrived at the vaccination centre on time and ask the usual questions regarding my identity. Then a question as to my health, to which I truthfully told of having a cold. I was instructed to join the queue for the best part of an hour, to be then told by the nurse I couldn’t receive my jab. So why ask after my health in the first place?

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    1. The people supposed to attend our local centre in Swanton Morley just didn’t turn up at all. My wife was working there that day, and they had around 10% no-shows. The nurse in charge told her to ring me, and anyone else she knew that was eligible, otherwise they would have had to throw the opened Moderna vaccine away that night.
      Cheers, Pete.


    1. Nothing as bad as when I had the Pfizer booster the last time. A slight ache in my left arm that is not bothering me at all. That last booster made me feel a bit ‘queasy’ for a few days.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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      1. I have only had Pfizer and no problems at all other than a bit of an ache with the first one. Given all those crowds in London last week I am surprised infections aren’t off the scale!

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  2. Our surgery is waiting for boosters. Meanwhile I’ve got Covid. It is like a very bad cold.I booked our flu jabs but probably will have to cancel if I still test positive, Lucky I had some tests at home. I thought it was diabetes! I feel rubbish but I still enjoy my food. Can’t stop my nose dripping and can’t sleep at night for the sore throat. Have had two Pfizers and one Moderna. How would I feel without them, I wonder?

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    1. We always knew they wouldn’t stop us getting Covid, but hopefully stop the symptoms sending us into hospital. I hope you feel better soon, Julie. As I understand it, you would have to wait for at least 3 weeks until having a flu jab or Covid booster once you recover from Covid.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Over here they’ll do both at once, one on each side. The Pharmacist said she has people come in asking for a casserole of Shingles, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Covid and Flu, just to get them out of the way. Obviously the answer is no, but can you imagine?

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  3. Pete, Liz Truss paid for that you know. You will get the bill in the mail. And she promised no tracking devices in the vaccine but she can see which way you will vote! Jokes aside, there are some would believe all that. In NZ it was Pfizer only & we’ve had our 4th now plus flu one. Now back to jokes again . . . there are many that are wearing tin foil hats to ward off the tracking devices in these vaccines that cause headaches. (headaches caused by them having the virus). So if we hear of Ollie acting strangely . . . .

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  4. All done, good for you! All of my vaccinations were with Moderna, and with last month’s covid, I should be fully boosted for a while! I did have some soreness in the injection site, along with a small rash, apparently not uncommon. Hope you do well with Moderna.

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  5. Pete, good for you! I had my 4th Pfizer bivariant booster 3 days ago. Arm still sore, tiredness and achy body started, but tolerable. Like you, I feel totally covered. Flu shot next week. At my age, I need all the help I can get to stay healthy. More people of all ages should feel that way. 📚🎶 Christine

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