Information for UK Readers

In case you don’t already know, everyone in Britain should submit an electricity reading to their energy supplier on or before the first of October.

Prices go up next week, and if you do not submit a current reading, they will ‘estimate’your usage and your new bill may be much higher than it needs to be.

This can be done online with most suppliers, or on the telephone by calling customer services. It might save you a lot of money!

(We don’t have mains gas in Beetley, but I am sure this also applies to customers of gas companies.)

I hope this information helps someone. I have submitted my reading, and received an online confirmation that it is on their records.

27 thoughts on “Information for UK Readers

    1. We are getting a £66 a month rebate for 6 months. That is on the increased rate after October of course. But with Julie working part-time, and me living on fixed pensions, I am happy to take it. It does seem silly giving it to everyone though, even millionaires.
      (One of my former job pensions just increased by £3 a week. Considering inflation is running at 10%, and my Tesco bill was up by around £14 this week, that makes me a minimum of £15 a week worse off, by my rough reckoning.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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