Shorts Back On

I had only recently posted about putting away my shorts until next Spring, then the weather changed.

Today, we reached 17C here (63F) in warm sunshine, and I was pleased to note that the forecast for Monday and Tuesday is for rising temperatures, with up to 21C (70F) possible in Beetley.

So the shorts will be back on tomorrow, and for as long as it lasts.

Indian Summers are to be welcomed.

45 thoughts on “Shorts Back On

  1. It got quite chilly here all of a sudden, but it has gone up a bit as well, although not (thankfully!) to the previous level. Considering what energy prices are like, anything that keeps the cold from coming too soon is welcome. I hope you enjoy the shorts for a bit longer, Pete.

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  2. Ha just seen weather forecast, snow expected down to sea level in Dunedin next couple of days (in fairness that probably won’t happen) but looks like my shorts are off and longs back on πŸ˜₯

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