Sunday Musings After A Quiet Week

The weather changed this week, and became much nicer. Sunny mornings, warmer temperatures, and a hint of an ‘Indian Summer’. Dry walks with Ollie were a nice bonus.


Ollie started shaking his head yesterday morning, a tell-tale sign of an ear infection starting. Luckily, I still had some antibiotic tablets and ear drops left over from the time when we were told to stop them during a spell when he had been having too many doses. So I started him off on five days of the tablets, with ear-drops in the affected ear. If that doesn’t work, I will have to take him back to the Vet yet again. He is due to have a shampoo and grooming session next Friday, so that should make him feel fresher.


After less than a month in the job, Liz Truss is making a pig’s ear of being the UK Prime Minster. She does not seem to be any better than the buffoon who preceded her, though she is (marginally) less annoying.


Putin seems to be trying to terrify everyone in Europe with threats to explode a ‘tactical’ nuclear device in Ukraine. And because our news media loves to strike fear into the hearts of ordinary people, they are repeating his threat every fifteen minutes on the rolling news channels. They need to look at a map. Russia would endanger its own people, as well as its proxy supporters in Ukraine, and all of its own troops in that country. Not to mention Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary. So would Putin really take that chance?

According to the BBC, he certainly would. So now my wife is worried sick about her children and grandchildren.


Otherwise, it has been a remarkably peaceful week, marked only by routine.
I like routine.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable Sunday.


51 thoughts on “Sunday Musings After A Quiet Week

  1. I hope Ollie gets better soon, Pete. I know he suffers terribly with his ears. Yes, by all accounts, it sounds as if the PM is not doing too good a job so far. Here, in Catalonia, we’re having a bit of trouble as well, but nothing new or totally unexpected. And yes, they were sharing Putin’s threads at regular intervals here as well. Now, after the bombings yesterday, they seem to be more focused on those attacks. Who knows what will happen next, but I hope there is somebody with some common sense to prevent the worst from happening, but as you all have said, there isn’t anything we can do about it.

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  2. (1) Confucius say: “Wife wash wok, then dry wok.”
    (2) Ear drops are not the same as mic drops.
    (3) The Johnson Feud: Pete v. Boris.
    (4) With respect to Putin’s nuclear threat, the West may be russian to apocalyptic conclusions.
    (5/6) Today will be a piece-full day for me. I have to cut up palm tree fronds and fans. (Also, I know a comedic fan of Franz Liszt who’s a real cut-up.)

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  3. Not much can be done to control the antics of a deranged dictator so we have to roll with the flow. I am sure that if Biden and company can do it, they will antagonize Poon Tang into setting off so me kind of device to scare people with and if the fallout settles on Russia, which I hope it would, no big deal. Does that new PM have orange hair by any chance?

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  4. Hi Pete, I think Truss has done a lot of damage to the British economy over the past 4-weeks. I hope things will start improving now. The impact has rippled through the financial markets everywhere, including here. I am sorry to hear about Ollie’s ear infection again. I hope the drops work.

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  5. Hope Ollie recovers quickly and as for the nuclear “threat”, it seems that deranged Dictators can find justification for the most reprehensible actions, especially when he doesn’t seem to care about the cost or safety of his own citizens

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  6. I’m with you, Pete, on liking routine. I hope Ollie’s poor ear feels better soon. I expect Putin will get his comeuppance at some point, in a “live by the sword,” “die by the sword” kind of way.

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  7. I hope Ollie gets relief with the anti-bi. The news media loves to get people crazed whether it’s nuclear bombs or impending hurricanes etc. If precautions can be taken, fine. Otherwise as you say, no point in worrying.

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  8. I hope that Ollie’s meds work quickly and that he gets better soon.
    We’re also worried about Putin here. Who knows what’s going on in that sick brain.
    I’m trying to enjoy this sunny Sunday with music by Elvis.
    Today is the election in my state. I’ve already done that, so all I have left is a relaxed rest of the Sunday.
    Best wishes and ahave a nice day, Irene

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  9. Whats the commonality between Truss & Putin = both too much Vodka I reckon. I wonder if he got a 70th birthday card from the King. I always reckon Boris would hope she would fall over & take the reigns back. Geez Pete, the communion was strong at church tonight.

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