Only In England: The Photos Of Tony Ray-Jones And Martin Parr

The British photographer Tony Ray-Jones died in 1972 at the age of 30. In his short career, Ray-Jones helped transform British photography, his work influencing a whole generation of later photographers, including Martin Parr. Their photography was celebrated in a combined exhibition in 2013, called ‘Only In England’.

A man economising by not buying sunglasses. Blackpool, Lancashire. 1968

Two women in a Methodist Chapel, Mankinholes, Lancashire. 1975.

Brick Lane Market, London. The man has bought a chair, and is carrying it home on his head. 1966.

A couple outside a tea hut, 1967. Location unknown.

A man cleaning his windows, 1975. His name is Mr Tom Greenwood, but no location is specified.

This man is having a good look at a trendy young woman. Carnaby Street, London. 1967.

Men posing outside a holiday caravan, 1967. One seems ready to go swimming, but no location is given.

May Day, 1967. People enjoying a celebratory picnic, despite the rain.

49 thoughts on “Only In England: The Photos Of Tony Ray-Jones And Martin Parr

  1. HI Pete, sad that the photographer died so young. B&W can be stunning, but somehow, it has made some of the people featured in these pictures look quite dreary, if that makes sense. Even the people having the picnic in the rain, they just don’t look particularly happy.

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  2. (1) The man saved money on sunglasses, but how much did he pay for that wristwatch?
    (2) Methodist Chapels are known for mankin holes and napkin holes. Mankin holes lead straight down to the fiery abyss. Have a look, ladies! And then try to avoid the daily pitfalls of your sinful life! As for napkin holes, they come in handy during church suppers.
    (3) Wait until the man discovers that watching television upside-down in a chair gives him a headache.
    (4) Now that the couple has had their fill of TEA, they can rearrange the letters and EAT something.
    (5) Sadly, that photo of Tom “Footloose” Greenwood is his only legacy.
    (6) Dreaming of carnal knowledge on Carnaby Street…
    (7) I have a better idea.
    (8) Old riddle:
    Q. If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?
    A. Pilgrims.

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  3. There’s nothing quite as funny as a Brit determined to have a good time! Sitting in a deck chair wearing a suit with your arms crossed. Having a picnic in spite of weather so cold you need to bundle up. These made me laugh!

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  4. Delightful. Missing is the handkerchief with the knots tied in each corner. Mad dogs (except Ollie) and Englishmen (except Pete) go out in the mid day sun

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  5. These are wonderful, Pete, and quintessentially English. Saying that, the two ladies falling asleep in church remind me of my mother (although she is a tiny more stylish), and I remember one day when it started snowing at a terraced bar where my parents and I sometimes went for breakfast (it was very small, so there wasn’t much space indoors. You just had to keep your coat on in winter and have some hot drinks…), and my father had the beach umbrella in the car, so out it came! Oh, and the guy carrying the chair on his head seems pretty comfortable.

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