Spitalfields Then And Now: 1912-2012

The Photographer C.A. Matthew took many photos of daily life in East London during 1912. His photos of Spitalfields were discovered by modern-day photographer Adam Tuck, in 2012. He set out to recapture the same locations one hundred years later, and rather than try to ‘merge’ the photos into a split-screen effect, he overlaid them.

The results give a strange ‘ghostly’ feel to the scenes, and I found that to be very affecting.

Sandys Row.

Sandys Row South.

Steward Street.

Middlesex Street.


Crispin Street.

Bell Lane.

Artillery Lane.

Spital Square.

Frying Pan Alley.

51 thoughts on “Spitalfields Then And Now: 1912-2012

    1. Why did I only comment “M?” Wish I knew. Too running over due to the election and e-mails and age. I know I wanted to say I like the photos and was moved into nostalgia. Maybe that’s why I conked out during my reply!

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    1. In 1912, most people had to walk, Audrey. If they were poor, they also lived on the streets. With no money for public transport, they stayed where they were born, and lived their entire lives in the same district. These days, people don’t walk so much in London. They use cabs, London Underground, and many buses. Those things were beyond the reach of poor people in 1912.
      Families were also much larger. 6-9 children was the norm, whereas now 1-2 children are more common.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Slightly haunting, but also fascinating and very creative. I enjoy the historic pictures you post and appreciate you taking the time to share them.

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