Sunday Musings For The First Week In November

An uneventful week that began with me coming down with something on Tuesday that I thought might be Flu. Sore throat, persistent cough, and aches. I spent three days taking various tablets and going to bed early, and by Friday afternoon it had gone away.


The weather changed, and became ‘changeable’, according to the BBC forecasters. This meant some very cold and crisp days accompanied by eye-blistering low sunshine, followed by others when it was stil dark at 11am, and pouring with rain. The shorts went back into the cupboard, and we have had the heating on for 2-3 hours each day. This small house is well-insulated, so at the recent temperatures those few hours are all we need for now. We have just had almost 17 hours of torrential rain, and it is still raining as I type this.


One positive about that rain was that it reduced the number of Firework parties on our traditional ‘Guy Fawkes’ Night’ 5th of November, also known as ‘Firework Night’. Unlike many pets, Ollie is not disturbed by those, but last night was the least celebrated I can remember since moving to Beetley.


My SAD lamp has also been used most afternoons in the office room, to combat the early onset of night-time darkness. It seems to be working, as my mood has been chipper.


Ollie has also had a quiet week. No need for him to visit the Vet for once, and his walks on Beetley Meadows have been enriched by the company of numerous dogs during the dry days. At home, he has recaptured some of his puppy youth, and gone back to playing with his toys in the evenings. That is very nice to see, and indicates that he is free of any illness for the time being.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a happy (and dry) Sunday.


45 thoughts on “Sunday Musings For The First Week In November

  1. Thanks, Pete. It’s good to hear that both, you and Ollie, are well now. Sunday was sunny and pleasant here, although the weather turned quite cold towards the end of last week; the temperature has turned a bit milder again.

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  2. (1) So you took some tablets on the fly, and that took care of the flu?
    (2) With all that torrential rain, do ya noah carpenter with a cubit stick?
    (3) I know a lot of lady foxes, but I don’t know a single guy fox.
    (4) Take your SAD lamp into the forest and see of you can make the wood chipper. (Works in Fargo, North Dakota.)
    (5) You and John Wick both love dogs. But John’s life is not as quiet as yours.
    (6) I’ll be hiking today. Most likely somewhere in Red Rock Canyon NCA.

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  3. Glad all is well with Ollie and you….we have had some rain for the first time in 3 months…..the only thing happening here is this damn election…..sad as that is….have a good and safe Sunday. chuq

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    1. The BBC has a big team of reporters covering your mid-terms. Earlier today we were treated to Biden, Obama, and Trump all making speeches. Then the reporter speculated that Republicans will control Congress after the elections.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Glad you and Ollie are feeling better, Pete. We should be having quite a bit of rain and wind this Wednesday, being as there seems to be a storm brewing our way.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

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  5. You said last week that Julie had flu so it’s not surprising that you have had some of the same symptoms. I’ve had very sore arms this week from the flu and covid vaccines, the flu arm being the worst!

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  6. I only had one day of feeling less than 100% after my recent Covid booster [Moderna], but I am experiencing persistent but intermittent rhinitis [not connected, I don’t think], which is irritating; it seems to affect me less outdoors, which is curious, but as for a reason, I have no idea! I prefer to use my SAD lamp in the morning, to kickstart my brain [always difficult, at the best of times 😉 ]: I can accept the early onset of dark in the afternoon—I just get tucked up on the sofa & read! Not a bad day here, so far anyway, but more chilly. All the best to you, Pete. Cheers, Jon.

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  7. I mentioned to Sam yesterday that there hasn’t been as many firework parties as usual. Maybe it was the rain, or that people can’t afford to buy them. However, we did go to a firework party at Wetherden last night, which was very well attended by at least a thousand people.

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