An Alphabet Of My Life: G

G=Growing Up

This was my first choice for ‘G’. I started to write about growing up, and then I remembered I had already posted something almost identical, back in early 2021. So I deleted the part I had started to write as a draft, and I am adding a link to the 2021 post instead. Most of you will have seen it before, so this will mainly be for new followers.

Growing Up

19 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of My Life: G

  1. Never really thought about growing up (when I was at the ages when I should) I just drifted through. In fact I’m still a child at heart and enjoying every moment of it 😁😁

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  2. I always wanted to be older too but going to Asia with my parents I found myself existing in a world almost exclusively of adults and I was always treated as one, until I came to the States aged 16 and my uncle treated me like a ‘kid”. It was culture shock. I think my inner kid vanished in there somewhere. Although…my aunt had a wicked sense of humour and was not above breaking a few rules. I never did the drug scene, the rock n’roll thing or hanging out with friends. It was a pretty weird way to grow up and I was resentful for a long time but all those adults are long gone and there is no one to please anymore which made it a lot easier to let go, which was liberating. Now, if I could just get some young doctor to not treat me like an old fossil…:)

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      1. I had some difficulties. But I also managed to do a few things which meant a lot to me and I knew real love for a time. It would not have satisfied everyone but to me it was everything. We still talk, whenever we can. Hardly anyone even knows about my life.

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