Liverpool 1975: The Photos Of Paul Trevor

I had never heard of this photographer before, and found some of his photos online. He visited the districts of Liverpool 8 and Everton in 1975, with the intention of documenting ordinary people living in deprivation in those working class areas. I think his black and white images need no captions.

33 thoughts on “Liverpool 1975: The Photos Of Paul Trevor

    1. My experience of Liverpool was not a good one, I’m sorry to say. I met with open aggression, found it hard to get served in pubs, and was frequently called a ‘Cockney bastard’. I have never been back, and never will.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I was at university there a few years later, but not that much later to make a difference. It was as poor as it seems here, but always a creative place. Overlooked by others, perhaps, but filled with more spirit than most places.

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    1. Thanks for adding your own experience, Susan. My visits to Liverpool in 1974/1975 were marked by receiving open hostility to the fact that I was a Londoner. It seemed to be mainly focused on Football, which had no interest to me. I never understood that, and have never forgotten it.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. (1) I have holes in the heels of many of my socks. Somehow, yesterday, one of my socks managed to thread itself through its own hole. Needless to say, it took me a while to figure out the problem…
    (2) The Flash as a boy. He managed to do 30 frames per second, but not without some damage to the last frame.
    (3) “We don’t need no stinkin’ dentist!”
    (4) I used to ride a bicycle like that. It liked me a lot, and didn’t try to escape like the one in the photo. I hope that boy holds on tight and doesn’t let that bike get away from him.
    (5) The little girl who befriended Nessie, the water horse.
    (6) Notice how the boys are arranged in groups of three? That’s how the father keeps them straight: Frank-Fred-Fritz / Brian-Brock-Bradshaw / Craig-Crawford-Crosley.

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    1. In the article, there was mention of him tracking down some of them on Facebook later. The boy holding the picture frame died of a drug overdose after becoming an addict. Most of the others did okay.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. You’re right, captions not required. Poor little buggers and yet some of them seem quite happy. A lot of poor folk managed to give their kids just enough. I wish society was more equal. How could anyone believe that would be wrong? And yet I fear it will never happen. Has it ever worked, in history?
    Those summer photographs must have been one year when it was really hot. I remember it as well as the winter of ’63! Wasn’t the Thames thought to be running dry?

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