London From The Air: 1913

The year before WW1 broke out, a photographer climbed into an early aircraft to photograph London from the air. Given the limitations of cameras and unreliable aircraft at the time, I think the results are outstanding.

(Unfortunately, the photos cannot be enlarged.)

St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.

Trafalgar Square.

The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge.

The Tower of London and St Katherine’s Dock.

Bank Junction, City of London.

Buckingham Palace and The Mall.

The pool of London. The docks, and Tower Bridge.

Covent Garden Market.

32 thoughts on “London From The Air: 1913

  1. stunning, to think the aeroplane was less than a decade old. I’m trying to think where the aircraft would have taken off/ landed. They were microlights in those days so any park nearby. They would have had short range. I notice no high rise buildings & less traffic.

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    1. The home counties are a short and manageable return flight from London, even in 1913. It could have easily come from any of those. The lack of high-rise buildings makes London look so much more attractive to me.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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