An Alphabet Of My Life: K


When I was quite young, I don’t remember the exact age, my Mum gave me some advice.

“Be kind”.
“Be kind to animals”.
“Be kind to people”.
“Help people when you can”.
“Kindness costs nothing”.
“If you cannot say something kind, then say nothing at all”.

I took those words to heart, and have tried to live by them since. I went into a career as an EMT that required kindness as ‘stage one’ of any treatment. I was always kind to any animals or pets I encountered, and treated them with great respect.

When I felt I could say nothing kind to someone, I tried to be constructive or helpful instead.

Over 60 years later, I am still trying my very best to put kindness first.

Thanks, Mum.

44 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of My Life: K

  1. (1) Some children learn about kindness in Kindergarten.
    (2) “If you cannot say something kind, then say nothing at all.” I kind of agree with that. Depends on the situation.
    (3) I find that being kind is good for the mind.

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  2. If only more mums would impress their children with this lesson. I remember being told “Do as you would be done by.” The people you took care of will have been grateful even if they were in no condition to say so.

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