Musings On A November Sunday

Is it just me, or has this year gone faster than 2021? Julie booked our Christmas Day meal with the restaurant yesterday, and not long after that it will be 2023. Each year I get older seems to pass by more quickly. Perhaps that is one of the curses of old age?


I was contaced by the NHS this week to let me know I am eligible for a Shingles vaccination because I am over 70. I will certainly have that, as I contracted Shingles twice in my 30s, and it is horrible. I was able to book an appointment on the 28th, so not long to wait.


Ollie has had a good week. He has been enjoying his walks, and relishing his dinners. He is still sleeping most of the rest of the time, but considering his age, that’s to be expected.


Today is Remembrance Sunday in Britain. I have posted separately about that.


The weather continues to be warmer than expected. We reached 17C (63F) on Saturday, with bright sunshine all day. The recent mud dried hard, and the dog-walking was remarkably pleasant for November. I know this is actually bad news for the planet though. It has been widely forecast that in 100 years, the entire East of England (where I live) will be under water as far as the edge of London. That will be someone else’s problem to deal with, unless I defy science and nature by living until I am 170.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I wish you a happy Sunday.


52 thoughts on “Musings On A November Sunday

  1. Time is moving quickly, Pete. I have not yet had my shingles vaccine, but I will soon. I had a very mild case and I do not relish a more severe case. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

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  2. My older friends told me this would happen to me, and I’m experiencing the same thing you are. Though not depressed about it, I can’t help but recall when a birthday was a cause for celebration. On the other hand, as my mother-in-law used to say, it beats the alternative.

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  3. (1) As we get older, time goes faster. As long as our internal clock keeps ticking, we’re okay with that.
    (2) Almost no one has shingles in Las Vegas. The vast majority of residents have tile roofs.
    (3) Ollie sleeps longer in hopes that he’ll finally catch that darn squirrel that keeps getting away.
    (4) Thanks for reminding me that it’s Remembrance Day in the U.K. (To be honest, you’re reminding me of something I never knew existed in the first place.)
    (5) We’re having December weather in November: highs of 16° C and 17° C, give or take a Celsius degree.
    (6) No hiking today. Instead, doing some subtitle work for our OTSF YouTube channel.

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    1. Remembrance Sunday is a huge event in Britain, since 1920. There is a massive parade in Central London, and it is televised for the whole country to watch. A very serious and sombre affair.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Had my shingles jab couple of weeks ago, here only eligible for free during 65th year only otherwise cost I hear is about $800, Left a bit late as lots of other issues just got in the way.

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  5. Time is all relative Pete. For my 2 year old grandson a year is half of his life, for me it is 1/70th so nothing at all. I can only hope that the winter months pass as quickly as the summer seemed to! And I remember that Doncaster was forecast to be on the coast in 50 years, that was back in 1980. It is still a long way from the coast so your house could be safe for a lot longer than you think!

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  6. 6 weeks till Santa, wooops delete that, days are getting warmer, I’m taking old friends on a trip down south amongst the Lord of the Rings scenery down here, one day it be you Pete.

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  7. Dear Pete,
    I also think times runs fasterif we where older.
    Nice to hear about Ollie.
    I have planned the shingles vaccination for next year. In Germany you can get vaccinated from the age of 60. I had shingles on my hairline 3 years ago and was afraid it would spread to my eyes. Luckily everything went well.

    I’ve spent the last few hours reading your blog as unfortunately I haven’t had time for the computer for the last three weeks. My partner was in the hospital for cancer treatment. That took a lot of time and energy.
    Luckily everything went well there too.
    I wish you a nice Sunday too. We also have sun and now it’s time to go outside.
    Best wishes, Irene

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