An Alphabet Of My Life: O


Ollie has only been in my life for just under 11 years, but has already become such a significant part of my whole life so far. Everyone knows how much I love my dog, my constant companion. He is the heart and soul of my blog, and has become a firm favourite of many readers around the world.

He features in this A-Z because he has given me so much, and asked for nothing in return. As I type this, he is three feet away from me, and sleeping soundly. He is happy to just be next to me, and to follow me wherever I go.

Without Ollie, I would never have really got to know Beetley. Never met the many dog-walkers who have become friends since I moved here from London. He has provided me with much-needed exercise, something I am sure extended my life expectancy in retirement. He has also given me his devotion, and his undying affection.

Having Ollie to care for made me whole, and a better person in so many ways.

56 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of My Life: O

  1. Having a special animal is such a privilege and I agree, it makes us better people. I have had many animals in my life and loved them all but there have inevitably been some that just had a particular connection. Bless them all.

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  2. A handsome chap. I resisted getting a dog for many years but once I made my boy one of us, I couldn’t really fathom how I’d ever been without him. They bring so much, don’t they?

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  3. I always enjoy your posts about Ollie, Pete. I’ve never had the wish to have a dog, but my great friend in Whitby has always had big dogs, and his current one, Bodie, is so soft & lovable its almost hard to believe. Cheers, Jon.

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